Chanel’s Byzance Collection includes one lipstick, Rouge Allure Rouge Byzantin ($32 limited edition).  In the tube, this color is a striking, multidimensional fuchsia red embedded with the tiniest microsparkle.  Perhaps I was too influenced by the promotional picture, which strikes me as featuring a lipstick that matched the deep red of Chanel Rouge Laque in Dragon, or perhaps a “Chanel version” of Dior’s Ara Red.

I found that Chanel Rouge Byzantin has the same moisturizing, luxurious formula as the rest of the line.  As befitting a boutique release, Rouge Byzantin is highly pigmented.  One can truly get a full layer of color in a single coat with no liner.

Rouge Byzantine comes in the standard Rouge Allure packaging, elegant as always.  I found that my expectations were not realistic–the color applies as a deep strawberry-fuchsia.  Applied, Red Byzantin applies as a Rouge Allure version of the Rouge Coco in Taffetas Rose (on Liz, here).

I swatched Rouge Byzantin next to Chanel Rouge Laque in Dragon as well as Chanel Rouge Coco in Taffetas Rose (reviewed here).  I then did an iconic warm red, in this case Dior Ara Red (reviewed here).  For orientation, on the far right I added in Chanel Rouge Coco in Rivoli as a blue-based red so that you could see more of the red spectrum.

I tried Rouge Byzantin on lips, with and without liner, and due to its opacity got a color very similar to the swatch.  The lipstick is beautiful, well done and this may be the precise shade that you may enjoy.  I will say that it coordinates rather well with the strawberry-red of Chanel Joues Contraste in Rouge.

Bottom line:  This is a rich color, deep and interesting.  Compared to the tube color, it was a bit surprising.  Please do look for swatches by other bloggers for comparison, or try the color on in a Chanel boutique, if you unsure whether this color will work for you.

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