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Chanel Poudre Lumière Perlée Pearl Glow Powder Highlighting Powder ($60) is a soft, sheer, yellow-gold highlighting powder product that has a beautiful luminosity.  It comes packed with a large, paddle shaped sponge paddle applicator that would provide heavy coverage.

This product gives a diamond-shimmer in the pan.  Some highlighters are simply yellow powder mixed with sparkle.  I recently threw one of these away.  Chanel’s Pearl Glow is made of a more luminous formula that reflects light without adding a significant amount of opaque color to the skin.

Pearl Glow reminds me of the Ombres Perlees de Chanel (reviewed here) in texture, although they are not identical. Instead, Pearl Glow acts more a bit like a traditional powder than the Ombre Perlees, which seemed to be made of some scientifically advanced magic (it is my dream that Chanel would release a highlighter using the identical formula of the Ombres Perlees–Chanel, are you listening?).  But Pearl Glow does have a some of that sheer luminosity that makes the Ombres Perlees so unique.

Although the included sponge applicator is useful, I recommend using a brush for your first try.  A brush gives you a sheerer finish, but you can layer the product using several passes.  I use a standard powder brush, the smaller the better for more precise placement.  Liz and I have also played with Chanel Pearl Glow on the lid and browbone and liked the result.

Comparisons of Chanel Pearl Glow, swatched  next to Nars Albatross, Giorgio Armani Gold Rush Platinum Highlighter (reviewed here), and just a little corner of the peach-toned Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Highlighter (reviewed here).

It is difficult to get any of these highlighters to show on pale skin, which is a good quality in a highlighter.  Luminosity is usually transparent–one wants the glow, not just a pasty yellow or peach tone.  For these swatches, I used a darker tinted moisturizer over my natural skin so that you could see some of the color differences.  One more try:

Of these, Chanel Pearl Glow as the most transparent and natural.  It was closest to the Armani Platinum.  By comparison, Nars Albatross was much more obviously gold-yellow.  YSL Colorama is really pretty, but it leans far more pink-peach than any of the others.

I also compared Chanel Pearl Glow to the limited edition Estee Lauder Pure Color Luminious Powder (reviewed here).  I found that the Estee Lauder was more peach-pink, and that the formula of the Estee Lauder was more fragile–it tends to crumble a bit in the pan with pressure.  Chanel Pearl Glow is more of a traditional powder, and more robust in the pan.

We experimented on Liz’s upper cheek, ringing below her eye area on the upper cheek, in full sun so you could see some of the effect:

As you can see, the effect is very natural and subtle. This is a few layers, applied a bit heavily with blush brush over blush and foundation.

Bottom line:  An excellent high end highlighter. Sheer and finely textured.  Unlike drugstore products, Chanel Pearl Glow gives a natural, expensive-looking finish even at close proximity.  If you have Armani’s Gold Fever Platinum highlighter, I’d think long and hard before purchasing because these are somewhat close.   The Chanel is more sheer than the Armani (and of course, if you missed Armani’s it was limited edition and is no longer available).

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  20 Responses to “Chanel Pearl Glow Powder- Review and Swatches”

  1. amazing! can’t wait to get mine

  2. First of all (and although I’m late), so happy to have you back! I had practically just gotten addicted to your blog when you suddenly disappeared..the “come-back” was a great surprise!
    Do you have any idea if this product (well, and the whole line) will be available here in Europe? It certainly looks beautiful and just like the kind of highlighter a girl needs (well, a girl that dislikes the big glitter business!). It does seem quite similar in quality to the Kevyn Aucoin one, which is the only highlighter I own and totally adore: very sheer and natural ,healthy-glowy-face kind of look..

    • I’m sorry Silvia I do not know–the best thing to do is to call a Chanel Studio–they seem to have the best product information for international releases. I believe that there is one at Harvey Nichols in London (or at least there was, so years ago), as well as elsewhere throughout the world. Chanel Studios are usually located in one of department stores in major cities (the U.S. has several, in various cities for example). Otherwise, you could call Nordstrom Seattle or San Francisco and see if they can ship internationally.

  3. I know, i’ve commented so much you’re probably all groaning, “Oh, Eileen, enough already!” so I’ll simply say if you haven’t already bought this gem, what are you waiting for?!?!? 🙂

    • Eileen, I have to thank you for bringing this beautiful highlighter to my attention! I would not have picked it up if I didn’t read your excited comments! I love it! It is my first one and such a success too! Thank you!

  4. Amy, I wonder how does Pearl Glow compare to Edward Bess’ highlighter? Which one do you prefer?

    • Hi Lena, hmmmm good question. I hadn’t compared them, honestly, because Edward Bess is a cream highlighter so in my mind it was in a different universe LOL. If my house was on fire and I had to grab one highlighter (LOL!), I’d probably grab the Chanel because it tends to have a subtle brightening effect on my pale skin. No surprise I suppose, given that the Blanc de Chanel collection is a brightening collection. Having said that, i still love my Edward Bess–especially as we are moving into late summer. The Bess looks so nice and natural when I wear bronzer as my blush–it just adds a little something. But for more pale looks, Chanel all the way.

    • Hi Lena,

      This is a very interesting question. I have both of these, but hadn’t given it much thought, so I went and put one on each cheekbone. The Chanel definitely makes my already high cheekbones look a bit lighter and even more pronounced. It’s very natural, but more sophisticated and high fashion if you know what I mean. Amy brought up a key point: the Chanel has a brightening effect; hence the name Le Blanc for the collection. The EB is more dependent upon an external light hitting it to make the cheekbone shine and it really doesn’t brighten the area the way Lumière Perlée does. In my mind–and in my mirror–the two produce markedly different effects.

  5. Do you prefer this one over YSL Colorama (my current favorite)?

    • They are similar, except the color tone of Chanel is yellow/brightening. As you know, YSL’s is peachy-pink. They have that same kind of magical quality. I’m making room in my stash for both, to be honest. I’m not kidding, I’m seriously making room by quietly selling off a bunch of MAC to get some space! Anyway, the YSL has a warming effect, the Chanel a brightening effect….

  6. What’s the eyeshadow Liz is wearing?Beautiful!!

    • It’s the Chanel Topkaki quad–we’re going to do a more detailed eye look post later this week (after we finish Le Blanc)–so much Chanel, so little time!

  7. I swatched this at the counter and I wasn’t very impressed with the texture of the tester, I noticed that the shimmer particles are like little glass flecks–they’re irregularly sized/shaped. I thought the Poudre Douce in Almond was finer and more natural as a highlighter, but your excellent review makes me want to take a second look! It looks lovely on Liz, and I’ve been looking for something similar to the LE Armani highlighter which I missed out on. The Lumiere Sculptee highlighter coming out this holiday is more sheer compared to Pearl Glow (underneath the thin overspray), but still beautiful. It can be used as a subtle highlighter for the cheeks as well as an illuminating finishing powder for all over.

  8. Amy, your reviews are fabulous! I have an appt at my chanel counter at Nordstrom tomorrow evening; the list I’m bringing with me grows longer every day! One of the items now on that list is this highlighting powder but I wonder how you think it compares with the highlighting powder in the SoHo palette?

    • Hi Katie–the Soho highlighter is not as sheer as this one. Also, the Soho is gives a whiter look, while this one leans yellow gold. You might wish to bring your Soho to the appointment to compare them side by side on your own skintone. I personally love both (Soho, sigh! what a great collection!!!).

  9. is the Ombres Perlees de Chanel still available for purchase anywhere? would the white from that palette be close to this powder? i would prefer a more creamy texture……thanks for any help you can provide and have a great day!

    • I believe that the Ombres Perlees palette is quite hard to find now. The texture of the two is similar, but not the same. the Pearl Glow is not as pigmented, nor as creamy, as the Ombres Perlees palette. Laura, I too am hopeful to find a highlighter with the texture of the Ombres Perlees. The closest I found so far was Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Night, which was a limited release last summer. Estee has a new palette that is going to come out for Fall 2011 that I am hopeful about. Also, Chanel is about to do a limited release of the Ombres Tissees, another highlighter. We should be on the lookout to see if they are close!

  10. […] Nars Albatross, which is not as shimmery or pearly as Modern Mercury.  Finally, I’ve added Chanel’s Pearl Glow from the recent Le Blanc release.  I found that Chanel’s Pearl Glow as more transparent, […]

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