Jul 122011

Le Blanc de Chanel includes two Glossimers (Levres Scintillantes/ Brilliant Extreme Glossimers):  Liaison (#154) and Blossom (#152).  In keeping with theme of this collection, both are very lightweight and sheer.

First, Liaison is a sheer, nearly clear, soft transparent white with tiny multi-colored sparkles. There may be women waiting for a very subtle clear gloss with Chanel’s famous glossimer texture.  If so, now is your chance. Liaison adds a dab of moisture, so that your lips look like they’ve been kissed by dew.

Liaison adds no additional color to your natural lips, except for a hint of microsparkle that gives a slight glow in the tube.  Of course, Liaison makes a lovely Glossimer to add shine when worn over a lipstick.

Liaison Glossimer on Liz brings out her natural lip color, and adds a small touch of sparkle (here, Liaison is applied directly on the lip with no base, pencil or lipstick underneath):

 Second, Blossom is a cool pink in the tube that applies quite sheerly.

The shimmer factor in Blossom is in the medium range, compared to glossimers of the past.  Close up in the tube:

Liz and I found that Blossom gave a pleasant wash of cool color and sparkle to the lips.  It would look lovely over Chanel Rouge Allure Joyeuse.  Here is Blossom applied directly on Liz’s lips (no pencil, lipstick or primer):

Whether these appeal to you depends on your preference for color.  The formula is excellent, the packaging luxurious.  If you are still undecided, look at Sabrina’s reviews at The Beauty Look Book —here for Blossom and here for Liaison.

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  3 Responses to “Chanel Glossimers in Liaison and Blossom”

  1. Liason looks gorgous!

  2. I was trying to figure out the best place to let you know that the link to the Fall 2011 Le Metier de Beaute collection actually links to Estee Lauder ~ I guess this is about the best since it is the current day and you are most likely to look here *smile*

    Also, thanks so much for all the info on the Chanel collections ~ you make it so much easier/clearer for all of us!!

    • Arg! Thank you Chelsea–I just added another link to a new LMDB palette. Another one with a deep red. And a plum.

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