Jul 182011


To celebrate opening of Dior’s St. Tropez boutique (pictured above), the line introduced a limited edition nail polish Vernis Saint-Tropez ($21 #401).  This polish carries me away to places of warm breezes, sun and a perpetually pleasant summer.

The formula fits well within Dior’s reformulated (read: better!!) polish–two coats gives even coverage, and the brush works like magic.  The color has a beachy vibe.  Here is a comparison with Chanel Nouvelle Vague at Laquer Wear and China Glazes’s For Audrey from one of the lovely contributors over at the Purse Forum.

This color will look best clasped around a frosty margarita, without a doubt.  It’s a bit striking for the office, depending on the formality of your work environment.  But what else would we expect from a color that begs for sandals?

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  7 Responses to “Dior Vernis St. Tropez Nail Polish Swatches”

  1. !!! beautiful. I’ve been trying to get this for ages. Where did you get yours from?

    • I bought it online at Dior.com-well, technically I had to call my order in b/c my cart wasn’t working. I tweeted about this when it became available–I’m sorry you couldn’t find it!! 🙁

  2. Thanks for the pictures! I was lucky to get it when it was on Dior.com, walking around NYC this weekend, at least 10 people commented on toes, lol. It’s really a great color, different than any I have, but I’m not lucky enough to have any of the ones that you’ve compared above.

  3. I am desiring blues like this in my collection. I have been seeing a ton of blues like this. sinful colors and essie also have beautiful blues, but I have been seeing these tones all season long. this would look nice with pretty summer dresses, shorts, jeans- yes I have seen some where jeans in summer, or capri pants. it just depends. it’s a very tropical fun color.

  4. Thank you for the swatches! I am anxiously awaiting mine. Dior’s makeup and polish has been rivaling that of Chanel’s as of late. Will you be posting pictures of swatches of the Mitzah palette? I am on the waitlist for one but can’t seem to find decent pictures other than just pictures of the palette.

    • I think the British Beauty Blogger already put up swatches, and that Mitzah will be available at Sephora (and I suspect online at Dior.com). I’ll have to put the palette into my review queue-thanks for the reminder!

  5. Ooh gorgeous! You are making it hard for me to keep a lock on my Dior polish ban. I may have to lift the ban for this.

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