Burberry Beauty has just released Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base ($48/ 1 oz.), a product that has a sheer pearl effect that adds luminosity, smoothes the skin’s surface and feels weightless.

Fresh Glow is packaged in the same heavy, luxurious container as Burberry’s Sheer Foundation (reviewed here). However, rather than opaque color, Fresh Glow has a slight pink tint that goes onto the skin almost clear, leaving a very subtle and natural glow.

Swatches, applied sheered out on the left, and heavier on the right:

You do not see many primer reviews on Cafe Makeup.  This is because I’m not a huge primer fan.  On a typical day, I wear a serum, a day moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation.  Enough.  When I went to Nordstrom for a makeover, I was determined not to buy it.

However, I found that, like many Burberry Beauty items, Fresh Glow is a “best in class” product.  It is remarkably light–I do not feel like I am wearing anything.  I’m told that is made with a rose derivative that infuses your skin with Vitamin C, which as you know is an antioxidant that helps repair damage caused by free radicals.  So not only does Fresh Glow make my skin look immediately fresher, it has the added benefit of Vitamin C to improve my skin throughout the day.

Once again, Burberry’s uncompromising standard proved me wrong.  This is the primer to end all primers–that is, the one for people who hate primers.  My skin looks much better with Fresh Glow.  I get compliments.  Liz got compliments.  Great looking skin makes an enormous difference.

Here are some application tips:

  • Fresh Glow can be applied lightly as a primer under foundation.  A single pump gives me enough for my entire face.  I let it settle for a minute before applying your foundation.  Because I did not want to destroy the glow that the product gave my skin, I used powder on my forehead only (which tends to get dewy mid-day).
  • Fresh Glow can be worn alone.  It gives a subtle sheen to the skin.  Keep in mind, this product is quite sheer, so you will not get any coverage if you wear it this way.
  • You can also wear Fresh Glow as a fluid highlighter over foundation.  During my makeover, we used Fresh Glow first under my foundation, then added a touch on the upper cheek, bridge of nose and chin.  It gave a subtle touch of light to these areas.  The effect is not as strong as many liquid highlighters (such as Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Sea of Tranquility (reviewed here).  In keeping with Burberry Beauty’s aesthetic, the effect is more natural, like skin– discernible, youthful, and glowing.
Here is the ingredient list.  I don’t see any products ending in the suffix “-cone,” but I’m not a chemist and so I cannot swear that this is silicon-free.  It certainly doesn’t feel silicon-ish (click to enlarge).
Bottom line:  Absolutely fabulous. (available at Nordstrom).
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