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One of the few items that I picked up from Dior’s Blue Tie Collection for Fall 2011 is Dior Vernis Haute Couleur in Tuxedo ($21 #908).  This polish is deep blue with a metallic sparkle, and a hint of deep violet/periwinkle around the edges.  This is applied using CND Stickey basecoat and a Poshe topcoat.

Dior Blue Tie is similar in quality to the others in the line–it applies smoothly and requires only two coats to get to a satisfying opacity.  Love.

 Here is some comparisons with Dior’s Tuxedo, from left to right:  Butter London’s Big Smoke (reviewed here), Chanel Nuit de Russie, Chanel Blue Satin, Le Metier de Beaute’s Midnight Rendevous (reviewed here), and Lancome Indigo Paris (former limited edition/no longer available).  Click to enlarge:

 Overall, Dior Tuxedo is most similar to Lancome Indigo Paris.  Dior Tuxedo swatches brighter and more blue than Lancome Indigo Paris.  Also, there is a very subtle violet/periwinkle in Tuxedo that is unlike the true French blue of Indigo Paris.  These are taken in sun with flash. Click to enlarge:

 Dior Tuxedo is a gorgeous color, with a great formula.  And yes, I may have enough shimmering blue nail polishes now that my Dior has arrived.

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  14 Responses to “Dior Vernis Tuxedo Nail Polish, Swatches and Comparisons”

  1. Oh my these photos are simply amazing!!!! Love this although I’ll be passing this time on the Dior. I have too many blues as it is, lol.

  2. Beautiful comparison photos! I think I like the brightness of the Dior the best, which makes me feel relieved 😉 This was my first Dior polish purchase…the start of a very bad addiction, I think.

  3. Thanks a lot for the comparison! Is it possible that the swatches of Chanel Nuit de Russie and Blue Satin are mixed up?

    • Hi Jenny, I tried to be careful–I have some nail wheels on order. I’m planning on re-doing these when they arrive! Hopefully that will be more in the “Cafe Makeup style” of bigger and better swatches. That will show the colors much better. Swatching is hard, right? Thanks for your comment!

  4. Amy, it is so beautiful there’s no way I could pass it up. My husband hates blue on my tips, but tough, I just tell him wait a few days and I’ll embellish it, but this is a must have.

  5. I have several navy blues from nicole by opi gossip girl collection I recently bought and color club. deep navy blues seem like a nice new fall staple to take a break from all these super dark gothic colors. navy may be gothic to some but these you have reviewed have nice shimmer and a nice sheen to it.

    blue smoke and blue satin almost look like nice dupes for each other.

  6. There’s a lot of talk on the Dior thread of TPF about dupes for this particular color so I will have to link all these fabulous swatches! I already have Tuxedo, but I am thinking I need to branch out of Dior/Chanel and check out Butter London. That is an amazing color! I do have to say that I wish Blue Satin was that dimensional on the nail.

  7. Thanks for the comparisons! I thought it would be similar to Chanel Blue Satin, but I’m happy to know they’re different. I love just how opaque and bright Tuxedo looks!

  8. Yea you got quite a range og blue polihes there;) hehe. Loving the colours 🙂

  9. Tuxedo looks gorgeous against your skin tone. I bought it but I haven’t worn it yet. Would you say it is anything like Bond Street? I missed that one but finally snagged one on eBay, and cannot wait to get it. I suspect Bond St. is more grey (and cream), whereas Tuxedo appears to be a shimmering cobalt. Anyway, I love the navies. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures and especially the comparisons.

    • Hi there, you are correct. Bond Street is a true cream, while Tuxedo is a party in a bottle. Bond Street is very subdued, almost a heathery gray blue. I’m going to actually re-do the comparisons (closer, bigger and better) when my new nail wheels arrive, but I’m glad that you found them helpful. Take care and thank you for the comment-and enjoy your Bond Street! It’s gorgeous!

  10. WOW that is STUNNING! The swatch of Blue Satin isn’t at all what I was expecting from the bottle.

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