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In my childhood home, there was a beautiful cherry tree in the backyard.  The trunk had a deep brown color with a hint of red.  The outer bark seemed to be tinged with silvery sheen.  This is the same way that I describe Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Midnight Brown ($29 #21)(available at select Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com).  Midnight Brown is part of Burberry Beauty’s Fall collection and it is a stunner.

The shadow comes packed in a heavy luxury case with a super sharp, slightly smoked mirror, and generous 2.5 g/ 0.88 oz. amount. Its texture is buttery soft.  The texture has a multidimensionality that does wonderful things with light.  If you compare the texture of the top of the shadow in the pan, compared to how it looks in the mirror, you can see the different tonalities.


Because of the tinge of red, Burberry Beauty Mightnight Brown doesn’t read “taupe” to me.  It reads “taupe’s best friend.”  This is a beautiful brown mixed with a slight hint of red.  Usually, taupes have a hint of mauve or mostly grey (not red).  But because of the tinge of grey, is the perfect brown to wear in the crease/socket and/or along the lashline to add dimension to a taupe wash.  I tried this during a makeover with Burberry Rosewood (a taupe, swatched below) and they worked beautifully together.

On the far left are comparisons between Burberry Midnight Brown and Burberry Rosewood.  You can see that Midnight Brown is a deep brown, but not as deep as the highly pigmented, deep brown NARS Mekong.  Burberry Midnight Brown is not as red as Chanel Cinnamon, and not as taupe as Chanel Safari.  On the far right, you can see the red-brown metallic Shu Uemura ME Brown 850.  These swatches are in sun with flash.

Another set of swatches–same shadows, same order:

One final (this one in shade with flash):

 Burberry Beauty’s Fall 2011 Collection includes this Midnight Brown Eyeshadow, a matching eyeliner, two colored mascaras (an olive army green and a brown).  There is a lip pencil and two new lipsticks in the standard formula (#25 Nude Rose lipstick, #26 Nude Cashmere).  There is also the glorious Fresh Glow illuminating primer, which I’ve reviewed here.  From these choices, and after one of the best makeovers of my life (more on this later), I walked away with Burberry Midnight Brown, Nude Rose lipstick and the Fresh Glow.

Obviously, nearly everyone needs a few great browns in their collection.  In my personal opinion, Burberry Midnight Brown is in the same color family as MAC Mulch.  But really, I far prefer Midnight Brown.  The Burberry texture is better, the pigmentation is smooth and soft, the application is quite easy, and the tonality is absolutely beautiful.  For me, Burberry Midnight Brown is a must.

For Sabrina’s review of the Burberry Beauty Fall 2011 collection, including her views of Midnight Brown, see here.

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  15 Responses to “Burberry Midnight Brown Eyeshadow- Review and Comparisons”

  1. Absolutely, everyone woman needs a stunning brown eyeshadow! Midnight Brown looks stunning in the photos, I’m sure it’s a much more complex shade when I see it in person. Thanks for the review.

  2. This sounds promising! 🙂

    Of these colours you swatched my ultimate palette would be: Burberry Rosewood, NARS Mekong and Chanel Safari.
    Thanks for sharing! Im defo gonna check this out! :):)

  3. NARS Mekong looks fabulous! Is it permanent? 🙂

    • Yes it is. I’m so surprised how often I use Mekong. It gives a little kick of depth at the outer corner. A nice lash line color too.

  4. I have yet to buy any Burberry Beauty. I can’t find it around here and I’ve put off ordering anything from their site for so long. I have been in love with Trench as well and I really like this Midnight Brown…..

  5. the burberry collection is very pretty. I like the lipstick nude cashmere. I like nudes but the best nude palette I have ever is the urban decay naked palette.

    I am keeping my eye out for future blog sales :). your blog sale prices are very reasonable. have you thought of creating a separate email like a blog sale email acc so it doesn’t get mixed up with the website email?

    I really appreciate what you post its very helpful.

  6. I’m so glad you posted this. I have been debating between checking out Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wearing Luminous Eyeshadows or the Burberry eyeshadows (your description of the midnight brown makes me want to run out and buy it even though I hardly wear eyeshadow), and I’m hoping you will be kind enough to provide some input given your familiarity with the 2 lines. I wear contacts so a big no to powdery, don’t want to wear primer on my lids so the eyeshadow itself needs to have mega staying power, and looking for a color that will serve as a light wash overall. I was thinking of a cream eyeshadow which is why I was attracted to the D’Ombre eyeshadows, but I have a love of Burberry products as well and have read countless raves about their eyeshadows. Which counter would you suggest I veer to when I go to Nordstroms next? It seems like Burberry has more color choices at this point. Would love your expert opinion. I love your detailed and thoughtful descriptions of products. Thanks!


    • Hi Pam, based on your description, I agree Chanel’s Emerveille (a peach gold) is probably your only color choice in that line. Based on your description, Burberry Porcelain or Gold Trench would give you a nice light wash. If you have the chance to compare the two, why not try both counters? Personally, the look you get will be more glimmery with Chanel, and more subtle with Burberry. It really depends on which look you are going for…. Thanks for your comment–I hope this was helpful!

  7. Well, I have to add this is my wish list…actually, I had forgotten how badly I wanted Rosewood till I was just reminded. I can’t wait to read about your makeover.

  8. When the Burberry line first came out, I just wasn’t interested (having somewhat recently become disillusioned about Burberry – I thought they were sort of “quintessentially English” but after moving to England I realized Burberry and especially its famous plaid (and knock-offs thereof) are more associated with chavs than luxury). However under the weight of all the consistent good reviews I keep reading, I’ve been slowly getting more interested in spite of myself … and this post just made me break down and start a wish list 😉

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  12. Thank you for posting such lovely pictures. I am definitely interested in purchasing this gorgeous midnight brown. Love Burberry’s eyeshadow, I already hit the bottom of the pan on my Rosewood eyeshadow! Unfortunately I do not have a counter near me and do not see it on the Nordstrom site yet, can you recommend a good SA I can contact at the SF counter? And if so, do you think they would be willing to send a couple of foundation samples to me? Thank you again. I really do appreciate all the work you put into your reviews, you had me sadden when I thought you were gone for good, so happy to see your beautiful blog return! Xoxo

    • I’ve worked with both Kristy H. and Susie–both have been great. I do think they are happy to work with customers long distance, especially as the line is just expanding right now.

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