Jul 292011

For some reason, I became obsessed with lashes, lashes, lashes this week.

First, I started using Le Metier de Beaute’s Peau Vierge Lash Growth Serum ($95).  When Latisse was first approved for lash growth, I used it for about four months before I became hesitant after the FDA increased the warning.  Although my lashes got incredibly long using Latisse, the effect lasts only a few months.

I purchased Le Metier’s Peau Veirge Lash Growth Serum last December, and have only started using it now.  I’ll see how it goes and report back.

Second, I’ve been seeing some favorable reports for Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara on makeup boards and at Lipglossiping.  I tried to order a tube, but just got a back-order notice until mid-August.  I’m shaking my fist at Benefit–don’t they realize that in the beauty blogging world, August is practically Christmas?

Instead, I’m investigating Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill reviewed by The Beauty Look Book.

Third,  I’ve become very curious about false lashes.  They always seemed unwieldy to me, but Lisa Eldridge has done some tutorials (here and here) that make me imagine that I could do it.  Have you used them?

Also, I fell in love with these pictures of a Shu Uemura collection from the Makeup Blogette.  So pretty!

Here’s what my beauty blogging friends are obsessed with this week:

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  • Best Things in Beauty showed us Tom Pecheux’s innovative Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée from Estée Lauder’s Fall 2011 Collection
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  • Karla Sugar gives us a lesson on Creed fragrances and shares with us their three new fragrance releases.

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  8 Responses to “Here’s What I’m Obsessed with This Week…”

  1. I have those exact Shu lashes and have worn it a couple of times. You can totally do it!

  2. Amy, you must let me know if the PV Lash Serum works. I remember using the Ardell one that MakeupAlley was gaga over years ago – it worked, but was so bloody hard to find that I gave up on it. Also, it went rancid quickly, if I remember correctly.

    Armani ETK is my HG mascara. However, I can never bring myself to pay for it – I am a rare case who actually uses up a tube of mascara in a month (two max) and the price tag of ETK makes my heart hurt. I’ve been trying to dupe it with drugstore mascaras and have come very close, but…alas, ETK is still #1 in my heart.

  3. Even as a senior citizen, my lashes and brows are still long and black although not as thick and long as they once were. When I was a young women, I seldom bothered with mascara or brow pencil. Nowadays, I can use a bit of help 🙂

    Armani’s ETK mascara is legendary and for good reason. It produces over-the-top killer lashes that are not clumpy, spiky, or heavy looking. The only down side, as Joey mentioned, is that it is pricey. Since I toss my mascara every two months and since I don’t really need the dramatic results that this mascara produces, I put it in the category of special occasion mascara and would not hesitate to recommend it as such. For everyday
    wear, probably not.

    Apropos false lashes, they were de rigueur in the 60’s thanks to models like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Peggy Moffit, etc. It was literally and figuratively an eye-opener for all us teens when we discovered the wonderful world of falsies: lashes, hair pieces, boobs! Those poor boys didn’t stand a chance 😉 Give the lashes a try, Amy. They really are easy with a bit of practice. Start with something subtle, go easy on the glue, and have fun!

  4. You should give Chantecaille Faux Cils a try too. I think you might love it!

  5. I’m a little frightened of growth serums so close to my eyes. I’m intrigued by false lashes though. thanks for the Lisa Eldridge links – I have some lashes somewhere here that I gave up on because the band looked so obvious when I applied them.

  6. I have been using LMdB lash serum since receiving it last March when you spoke about their eyelash curler. Having nothing to compare it to, I really like it. My lashes look rather full now though I wouldn’t say they were any longer. (disclaimer….my lashes are naturally long). Thank you for the recommendation of the curler as I never would have tried the serum. Question….have you seen/tried the new eyelash curler by Urban Decay? I so enjoy reading your post. Especially the baking one! ;). ~Kim

    • Hi Kimberly–I saw pictures of the new Urban Decay but didn’t really look into it further. It looked a little scary I think (jmho). I’m waiting for Chanel’s new one in a month or two. That will be interesting, but you know I am a Chanel-a-holic so…. 🙂 Thank you for telling me about LMBD’s serum. It’s only been a few days, so its interesting to see that you got more fullness. Are you continuing to use it?

  7. you can find new benefit mascara in every ulta

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