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About a week ago, I went to the Burberry Beauty counter at Nordstrom San Francisco Centre for an event, and had one of the best makeovers of my life.  I wanted to record the products used and update you on my experiences with the Burberry Sheer Luminous Foundation (swatches of all shades here).

For the makeover (products used)


  • Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base as a primer (reviewed here)
  • Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation No. 6
  • Burberry Light Glow Blush in Earthy (review forthcoming) as a contour
  • Burberry Light Glow in Tangerine (review forthcoming) on upper cheekbones as a blush
  • Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base around eyes, nose bridge and chin as a highlighter
  • Burberry Fresh Luminous Powder (forehead only)
  • Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Rosewood (reviewed here) as an lid wash and lightly under the lower lashline
  • Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Midnight Black (not pictured) as a liner
  • Burberry Sheer Midnight Brown (reviewed here) in the crease and outer corner
  • Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Pearl White (review forthcoming) heavily in the inner corner and lightly on the browbone
  • Burberry Lip Cover in Nude Rose (review forthcoming)(reviewed here at The Beauty Look Book)

For the foundation update, I’ve been using Burberry’s Sheer Luminous Foundation for about a year.  I’ve finished one entirely (No. 5, my original color), and just repurchased a bottle in No. 6.

Burberry foundation is my go-to whenever I want a typical foundation that doesn’t affect my skin, looks polished and can be applied very quickly.  The U.S. labeling does not reflect this (the U.S. FDA is slow to recognize certain ingredients as sunscreens), but there are some physical sunscreen ingredients in it (I supplement with a sunscreen) (ingredient list is here).  It never clogs, it never irritates, and in many ways I prefer it to the former Chanel Tient Innocence.

When I was getting my makeover, the artist told me something that almost made me drop my nonfat decaf latte.  He said that it could be used as a heavy cover foundation.  Given that the name of the foundation includes the word “Sheer,” I had to know more.

As a former Armani specialist, he explained the Armani technique for applying foundation.  Having had an excellent foundation makeover at an Armani counter in Harvey Nichols/London years before, we were already speaking the same language.  Essentially, to start one brushes the foundation on very sheerly.  Second, one takes the brush and builds coverage only where needed.  Third, you do a quick finger-swipe to remove brush marks. He was right, of course.  This is a highly buildable foundation.  It didn’t look cakey at all–it looked just like…skin. He explained that he had been persuaded to work for Burberry Beauty based solely on his experience with their foundation.  It’s that good.

I hope that you find this little sketchbook helpful.  I’ll post reviews of the products that I haven’t reviewed yet as soon as I can.

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  30 Responses to “Burberry Makeover and Foundation Update”

  1. The color selection for your make-up application is really lovely and undoubtedly suited your coloring perfectly. I like the idea of adding the tangerine to break up what would have otherwise been an entirely rosy palette. After all, it is still summer with many a dog day still ahead of us. I really must give the foundation a try. I’ve heard such good things about it. I don’t know what has been holding me back. I should bump it up to the top of my to try list. Looking forward to the rest of your product reviews.

  2. I nearly dropped my green smoothie when I read this “sheer” foundation is buildable to full. I’ve passed on their foundation before (sheer just wont do for me) but will reconsider. Do you like their shade range? xoLiz

  3. I use 5 in the winter, too! I wish I could wear it in the summer but alas, it’s too moisturizing for my skin. I can’t wait to see reviews of Earthy and Tangerine.. I don’t own an awful lot of Burberry but what I own, I absolutely adore. And of course, it’s always nice to have an excuse to buy more 😉

  4. I just contacted Kristy Hoffman at the SF Nordstrom and she was super helpful! (I don’t have a Burberry counter near me.) She is sending me the Burberry fresh glow base, she matched my foundation and powder shades and is sending me both of those, the midnight brown eyeshadow, midnight brown mascara and kabuki brush. I can’t wait to try out Burberry Beauty for the first time! Thanks so much for all your great reviews, which helped me make my purchases!

  5. Amy, what an awesome post. It’s so helpful to see these makeover/sketchbook types of posts because they give me ideas on how to coordinate products. I would have never thought to look at Pearl White since it seems so bright. Now you’ve given me inspiration on how to use my existing white shadows, although next time I go to the Burberry counter, I will have to check this one out. I love how simple yet polished this whole look seems. I would have never thought to layer those 2 blushes although I’ve been told earthy makes the best contour color. I hope you will do more of these in the future!

  6. Bought my Fresh Glow today but didn’t have time for the full explanation re application. The sales girl quickly mentioned mixing it with foundation and, as you said, adding a bit after foundation…but she said it’s not meant to be used under foundation as a primer? If YOU wear it underneath foundation as a primer, though, that’s what I’m going with 😉 . I so look forward to the rest of your review! I almost bought the tangerine blush but passed today (didn’t even give ‘earth’ a second glance!) and they couldn’t find the rose nude lip – but I did get the midnight brown shadow and mascara and the shade #1 in foundation which I am crossing my fingers will work. I love, love the finish on this foundation and the fact that it doesn’t break me out but the next lightest color is a tad dark. Fingers crossed and looking forward to your thoughts on everything! Thinking I will probably want to make another trip to the Burberry counter. Have a wonderful weekend.x

  7. Hi Amy,

    Based on your reply the other day, I made a beeline for the Burberry counter and walked away with Gold Trench and Pearl White eyeshadows, and the Midnight Ash eyeliner. A couple of the items have to be shipped to me so I won’t be able to really play with everything for a few days but I am super excited. The make up artist suggested I should get khaki to help set the ash eyeliner, but I declined for now. She used it in my crease as well and I liked it, but my low maintenance stance won out. I was also eyeing the brownish shadows like the midnight brown and if that’s what she would’ve used instead of the khaki, I would’ve told my low maintenance self to shut up and just buy. Gawd their lipsticks just kill me. I found my HG lipstick in the Lip Mist Copper. It is everything I’ve ever wanted in a lipstick – gives me what I call the J Lo peach lips. My eyes get bloodshot very easily and I’ve been looking for a lipstick that didn’t highlight that and Copper is perfection. Anyway, I tried on the Nude Cashmere….it was hard to walk away. I didn’t even get to try the Nude Rose. Like I said, I had to end the haul.

    I look forward to your posts on the other Burberry items!


    • I love the ash liner color (I have green eyes) but it does not stay put on me – at all. I have the khaki e/s but don’t think I’ve used it once; I had not thought to try it over the liner! thanks for sharing this tip.

  8. Hi, this is my first time posting here but your first pic just took my breath away. Burberry is my favorite line right now and I love the font you used too. Would love to know what it is called for future reference? I thought it was Papyrus initially but it’s not. Anyway, I look forward to future Burberry posts. I have a few items but am waiting for a counter to pop up in my city this fall as I hate to order without playing around with it. Especially at these prices.

    • Hi there–it’s called “Handwriting-Dakota.” I downloaded it from a free font site (sorry, I’m not sure which one).

  9. That’s really fascinating about the foundation as I had just assumed it fairly sheer base. I really like the idea of a light foundation that is buildable and can be used to conceal. It makes it so much more versatile, I tend to favour light foundations but I do have days when my skin isn’t up to much and needs a touch more. I will definitely investigate this one.

    I loved seeing the colours that were used in your makeover. I can visualise the look and it sounds so polished and elegant. That Tangerine blush looks lovely!
    Jane x

  10. hello this is really helpful. do u guys happened to know where i can buy the fresh glow online ? can’t seem to find it on nordstorm website. thanks aloe (:

    • It’s not online yet, I’m sorry. If you call Nordstrom SF Centre, they can do a charge ship. There are four other Nordstrom that carry the line as well (I’ve always found the SF counter extremely helpful).

      • what does charge ship means? any idea will hong kong has it?

        • It means they charge your credit card and then ship it to you. It’s nice because you can get it done over the phone, without having to go to a store. I do not know if Hong Kong carries Burberry Beauty yet. Perhaps the Burberry website (which has information about beauty items) can say?

  11. Do you have any idea when Burberry will be coming to other Nordstrom stores? I’m so excited to try these products, but I can’t bring myself to spend the money without seeing them in person.

  12. Sure wish you would post photos from the makeover! Would love to see before, during and after photos. Love your blog, I have made so many intelligent purchases based on your reviews. xoxo

  13. I would realty like to try the foundation, but we don’t have a Nordies in NYC and I have no idea what # I would be? Thanks for all of the pics, this is one of the only lines I cannot see in person.

    • Hi Beth–maybe call SF Center to see if they can ship a few samples out?

      • Unfortunately, I tried calling and emailing with no response. I guess this will have to wait until I can see them in person someday 🙁

      • I did get to speak to Kristy, she tried to match me based on my Chanel color to #3, she’s also sending some samples of 4. I went a little overboard and got the eyeshadows and new brushes,,, ug!

        • Good for you Beth–Enjoy them! I actually like the two brushes that I got quite a bit. I wish they would release more.

  14. I’ve been loving almost very Burberry item I’ve tried so far so I’m looking onward to your reviews on the new blushes!

    What other foundation shades do you use? I noticed that shade 6 in the Burberry foundation actually looks lighter than shade 5 (based on the swatches) but you mention that it’s darker?

    • Connie, you know I didn’t actually do a side-by-side! My No. 5 ran out months ago. I’ve edited the text to reflect your (excellent) point. I was going by memory (never a good idea, right?) All I can say is, I’ve been using sunscreen very religiously and No. 6 works right now.

  15. Hi.. i love the duo eyeshadow color you have.. it’s very pretty 🙂

  16. […] I rarely photograph used items for review on Cafe Makeup, but I was unable to resist using Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Misty ($42) long enough to put it in front of my camera.  To be more precise, I couldn’t stop using Burberry Misty after I learned to use it at a recent makeover. […]

  17. I love your blog so much. I was just wondering what foundation would you recommend to a 16 year old girl with some acne that’s using foundation for the first time. The Chanel Lift Lumiere, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua or Burberry Sheer Luminous Foundation? thanks!

  18. also, a bit more information about my skin, my t zone is generally oily but my cheeks and the area around the edges of my mouth and around my nostrils are a little dry. idk if that helps. if there’s another foundation you think I should try besides the three that I mentioned, please say so.
    once again, thank you!

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