Aug 202011

Here’s what three things I’m obsessed with this week:

1.  Fake reviews-I was struck by this article from The New York Times describing a system where people are paid up to $5 to post fake positive reviews on business websites.  According to the piece, Cornell researchers have developed a computer program to separate the real reviews from the paid.  I’m glad to see that there is progress is this area. I’m often curious about the credibility of some.

2.  Wherefore art thou Fyrinnae?  Fyrinnae is a small, independent cosmetic company that is run by two creative geniuses who really listen to their customers.  Lately, their website has been on-again, off-again. I’m hopeful that they are re-tooling.

On a related note, I was very impressed with this post by Joeybunny, who discusses how independent makeup brands skillfully use social media, including smart interaction with beauty bloggers.  Her point #2, “Indie retailers embrace us nutty bloggers” is true based on my experience here on Cafe Makeup.  I must admit that I’ve noticed that many independent, small beauty companies display a media savvy that is quite masterful.  Some have a very human touch.

3.  Chanel Illusion D’ombre Mirifique:  Everytime I use this deep, sooty black as a liner, I love the effect.  Great staying power.  A rich, vibrant black. I really love this color.

Here’s what some of the beauty blogospere is obsessed with this week:

  • Karlasugar has reviewed the enormous MAC Me Over release that is soon to be released, including these intriguing basics.  Stunner blush is catching my eye, how about you?
  • The Best Things in Beauty gives us a preview of a new skincare line from Le Metier de Beaute–it looks interesting!
  • Fab Over Forty previews the new eyeshadow trio’s coming from Dior.  She reports that the quality is impressive.
  • My hunger for Paris must be satisfied by looking a blogs from my favorite city–I’m currently enjoying Secrets of Paris, as well as this incredibly useful post from David Lebovitz about the best Paris apps (as in applications, not apartments).

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  14 Responses to “Here’s What Three Things I’m Obsessed with This Week”

  1. i agree with your comment about mirifique. it’s simply stunning! i always get compliments whenever I’m using mirifique to fo smoky eyes 🙂

  2. I love Mirifique as a liner. So glad I picked it up, and the brush that came with it is the perfect eyeliner brush.

  3. i like stunner too (already pre-ordered it ;-)) but the more swatches i see, the more obsessed i get with equilibrium.. i’ll definitely check it at as soon as it hits the counters!

  4. Mirifique is a stunning liner. I wonder if Chanel realized it would be far more successful as a liner than as a shadow. When blended out, it loses it’s multi-colored sparkle and beauty, but concentrated along the lash line, it is beautiful beyond words. Although I’m too old to wear it for a full on smoky eye, (I’d look like a cadaver!), smudged along the lash line it is simply lovely and brings light and sparkle to the eyes without being over-the-top. I originally gave it a miss thinking it “too young” for me, but a super charming Chanel MA got me into her chair and applied it in such a way that had me saying, “Love it! I’ll take it!”

    As for Fyrinnae, I do hope they don’t vanish for good. I love their products. They come up with such beautiful, fun, and interesting colors and finishes. And their customer service has always been great.

  5. have to agree with everyone about Mirifique as a liner. I love the shimmer, but it would also be great to have an eyeliner of the same formula without it. And the brush is terrific! I hope Chanel will consider adding an eyeliner brush of the same shape – with that rounded edge – to their permanent collection. I thought I spied it in the photo you tweeted, but I’m not certain.

  6. I’m totally with you on Mirifique. Of the 3 that I bought, this was the one I was most unsure of, but it turns out it’s the one I reach for almost daily as a liner! It also makes a very soft winged liner, which I love for work.

    I have one question for you about yours! Have you found that it has shrunk in the jar (sort of pulled away from the sides), kind of like the Benefit creaseless shadows tend to? I was pretty surprised to see the condition of the Chanel Illusion d’Ombres that Delicate Hummingbird had, even in their new state (although she said it wasn’t affecting the texture). I’ve only had mine for a short time since Canadians are last to get these releases (and they aren’t shrunken), but thought I’d ask about your since you’ve had it for some time now, and actually use it regularly (and it has therefore been exposed to air).


    • Darn, that’s too bad. It’s great that the product isn’t affected, but aesthetically it kinda sucks! Hopefully they don’t dry right out. Like you said, we’ll all find out together… I’ll be keeping my lids screwed on as tightly as possible!

  7. I used to be paid to write reviews. Sometimes a lot more than $5. Sometimes less depending. I hated it and it felt wrong. I still get paid to write reviews time to time, but I get to choose what I write and whether it is negative or positive – all honest about things I try however.

  8. I recently picked up Illusoire and Epatant (approx 2 months later than everyone else, so it seems), and have fallen in love with them despite my initial dislike of shimmer and cream shadows.

    I think I need Mirifique next! You’ve had so many good things to say about it that it may be part of my next order.

  9. Oh, and regarding Fyrinnae– I just did a Google search to find out more about them, and this is the blurb that appeared for

    “Fyrinnae is closed as of 8/16. Please do not make purchases.
    (we love the interesting rumors going around, and our love for you bloggers just increased, if possible)”


  10. Thanks to your posts, I developed a mild obsession with acquiring an Illusion d’Ombre. I wound up getting Illusoire – and it is so beautiful it’s almost a shame to use it. Thank you for fostering my growing Chanel addiction!

  11. I two adore Fyrinnae and that human touch from the indie companies. I prefer them

  12. I have to disagree with the chanel creamy shadow.. I don’t think it has great staying power as you say. It is not lasting long on my lids, no matter how I put it on.. with or without primer.

  13. I really hope Fyrinnae aren’t ending, as I’ve never had the chance to place an order. If they do get up and running again, I hope you would consider reviewing some of their colors, as finding really well photographed swatches from this brand can be a challenge.
    I had been thinking that little grab-bags of sample sizes could be a fun party-favor gift for friends (who doesn’t love playing with something new??), so I’ll be very disappointed if they go under before I get a chance.

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