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Hourglass was kind enough to send one of their newly released Film Noir Lash Lacquer ($28), together with a sample sized Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara (full size runs $28) to try at Cafe Makeup.  Film Noir Lash Lacquer is a newly designed product that is like a top coat for nails, or gloss for a lipstick.  It is used to add a wet look, together with the addition of length, volume and shine.

As you can see from the photograph, above, it comes with a brush applicator to “paint” lashes similar to the way that one would paint nail polish on your nails.  Application tips:

– Film Noir Lash Lacquer works with many mascaras, and works best on lashes already coated with a good lengthening mascara (not tubing or volumizing)

– Hold the wand at a horizontal angle to your lashes and delicately paint in short strokes

– You can use all over lashes (top and bottom), or just the ones on the outer corner

Liz and I were very impressed the Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara.  We liked the separation and length, and thought that it was a real contender against Guerlain’s Le 2 mascara ($36/ reviewed here).  Liz said that she would definitely re-purchase it. It had great separation and curling properties.  Our little sample gave us plenty of reasons to believe that this is an excellent choice at $28.

Film Noir Lash Lacquer was easy to use–the directions were clear, and we found the brush easy enough to control.  For these pictures, Liz applied Lash Lacquer over the Full Spectrum Mascara.  We found that it did add a deep glossy look to lashes.  The volumizing properties tended to occur by adding volume.  We did experience some clumps, but expected that effect from a volumizing product.  Perhaps this is due to the brush configuration, which does not attempt to separate lashes.

Here is a comparison without Film Noir Lash Lacquer.  Only the Full Spectrum Mascara is applied, below:
Overall, Film Noir Lash Lacquer adds drama, volume and a deep black lacquer effect.  We found the product easy to use.  I separately tried Film Noir Lash Lacquer, and got a very similar effect to Liz’s–it gives a very fringy, very black, with a tendency to pull the lashes together (rather than having separation).   We thought that it achieved the promised effect of maximizing lashes.  We actually loved the Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara by itself more, which should not be surprising given that we prefer a more natural look.  However, if you are looking for drama, the Lash Lacquer certainly delivers.

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  8 Responses to “Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer Review”

  1. Tammy Faye Bakker spider lashes had their moment, but thankfully mascara formulas improved dramatically and we moved on. Why would we want to go back to something that everyone jokes about and so freely admits was such a huge fashion gaff? Liz’ lashes with the mascara alone actually look longer and thicker. Film Noir does make the lashes look darker and more intense, but it also makes them look glumped together. Been there, seen that, done that 🙁

    • I totally agree! The film noir added nothing but clumps, but it does make her lashes look shiny!

  2. i dont really like that? it looks really flakey and …i dunno just doesnt look too good in my opinion

  3. Great review! I really like Hourglass products and Film Noir Full Spectrum is one of my favourite mascaras. The effect with the Lacquer is interesting. It almost gives that iconic Twiggy lash look. It would probably be something I would skip but I can see this would be popular for ladies that like a dramatic evening look. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I have been very impressed by the Film Noir mascara! A few months ago my mom, who can’t stand mascara asked me to help her find one that she could love. She had a really difficult to meet set of standards:
    * no clumping
    * no flaking
    * no smudging
    * natural, feathery look, but with the potential for plenty of drama
    * no crunchy eyelashes! (needed a softer feel)
    * easy to use effective wand that didn’t require a lash comb for good results
    * comfortable on the lashes for someone who hates the feel of mascara

    After trying a frightening number of mascaras, Film Noir was the hands-down winner – she’s crazy for it now, and I don’t think she’ll ever buy anything else. It’s on my wishlist (how could it not be!) though it is a pricy choice.

  5. I have seen hourglass beauty and sephora store but not very impressed with it. I do see that the mascara does separate and add depth, but most mascaras don’t really work for me 🙁 anyhow, a mascara worth trying is smashbox hyperlash it works exceptionally well.

    do you think maybe in the future you can do a mascara guide post? I know you did a post in the past about foundations which was helpful.

    dior has the 360 dior show lash mascara as well.

  6. I had a Film Noir mascara and really loved it. Would love to try the Lash Laquer as I love intense dark glossy lashes. Thank you for review.

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