Aug 252011

Bobbi Brown is introducing a series of shadows in a new formulation, Rich Color Eye Shadow.  I ordered a few to test drive them.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, these are a mix of textures (shimmer and matte).  These are said to be formulated for long wear using a type wax that imparts rich, deep color.  My first try was Bobbi Brown Rich Color Eye Shadow in Coffee Bean ($24), a rich deep matte brown.

The texture of this shadow was a little unusual.  I can tell that there is some type of wax in the mix–I pushed my brush fearlessly into pan with a stiff eyeshadow wash brush (to be precise, this Chanel Blending Brush).  My reward was a very rich wash of color.  My more tentative stabs with a MAC 217 were less satisfying, to be honest.  When you approach one of these pans, dig in.  You’ll need to so that you can break into that wax.

To be very clear, these pans do not lack pigment.  To the contrary, once my brush picked up the color, there was a gorgeous wash of deep brown that really set off my fair coloring and blue eyes.  Absolutely gorgeous.  It just seems like you are going to need a good stab to tell that wax you mean business.  I’m exaggerating, of course, but my point is don’t be shy.  This gives a gorgeous, deep rich wash of color if you rough up the texture a little.  Pat it on for an even more dramatic effect.

Coffee Bean is a deep toned matte brown with a very slight red-purple tint. Comparison swatches with Bobbi Brown Coffee Bean, Chanel Ombre Essentielle in Cinnamon and Taupe Grise, and NARS Mekong:

One more, in sun:

I have a few more from this series to test, but I wanted to report on Coffee Bean.  By the way, Coffee Bean blended with other shadows well.  Looking good so far.

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  10 Responses to “New Formula- Bobbi Brown Rich Color Eye Shadow in Coffee Bean”

  1. That looks so rich and beautiful, must dig through my stash and find some Bobbi brown to play with so i don’t run off to buy this. I love the look of Cinnamon too.

  2. Hi Amy, Thanks so much for posting this. I really love the color palette Bobbi Brown is putting out for fall, but I was unsure what to think about the rich color shadow formula. From what you’ve said, it sounds like it’s a go! It also looks like these colors will pop into the palettes, which is nice. Sand dune, Kashmir brown, slate, and pink silk are all on my current wishlist. Have you tried using the warmth of your fingers to melt the wax and apply the product? I remember reading that in the promos for the product.

  3. Your enthusiasm for beauty products is always infectious, Amy. Don’t be shy, indeed. : )

  4. Thank you so much for your review. I had to admit that when I first played with the shadows, I thought they were dry and unpigmented but I was just using the wrong brush it looks like. I swatched it using my fingers and I also tried patting it with the BB eye sweep brush. I will definitely be going back to the store and check out the shadows with a more tightly packed brush.

  5. I can’t wait to see the other colors you’ve got. I’ve been wondering what the new shades were like. Thanks for showing us!

  6. I have been disappointed with Bobbi Brown collections for a while (the holiday release with the chrome eyeshadow in Pewter was the last time I drooled), but these colors are stunning! I am drawn to all four colors on the top row, and I would love to see them in person, but it looks like they are only available on for now. I look forward to reading what you have to say about the other ones you picked up.

    Oh! Out of curiosity, do these eyeshadows pop out of their cases to go into the BB customizable palettes?

  7. I’m glad she’s got a new formula and I’m excited to try it. With the exception of a few shimmer shades, I’ve always found her eyeshadows very dissatisfying, without pigment, and chalky. I do love BB blushes and foundations though…

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