Aug 282011

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Eye Shadow in Sand Dune ($24 /#1) from her Marrakesh Chic collection is a sheer shimmery warm oyster-toned highlighter.

Sand Dune is one of the few shimmery shades in Bobbi Brown’s limited edition Rich Color Eye Shadow series (there is a light pink and a deep violet that are also shimmery). Sand Dune seems a welcome edition to this otherwise deep, largely suede-textured line, for that all-important inner-color highlight or browbone touch to add dimension.


Here are some swatch comparisons with some other light-toned shimmery shades in my collection:  MAC Femme Fi (limited edition, but subject to frequent re-release), Nars Abyssinia, and Chanel Lotus.  Just for fun, I added some opaque shimmers so that you could compare the sheerness factor–here, Bobbi Brown Chrome Eyeshadow in Pewter and Guerlain Sable Blonde (limited edition, no longer available).

Another, same shades:

One last, same shades:

Like the other colors in Bobbi Brown’s Rich Color series, Sand Dune is a great basic, believable highlighter shade.  Once you tell the waxy pigment that you are serious about picking up the pigment (use a stiff-bristled brush), it gives plenty of pigment.  As appropriate for a highlighter, there is a sheerness and lightness to the texture that prevents the force-field, metallic foil that can look dated (or perhaps, just a bit Jersey-licious).

I really like Bobbi Brown’s Rich Color series, and Sand Dune is a good addition to any collection.  As with the other shadows, I’ll express a bit of confusion about the limited-edition status of the shadows–all are good basics that seem like staples that can be used for years.

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  7 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Rich Color Eye Shadow in Sand Dune Review”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful sneak peek of these new shadows from BB. I love the in depth reviews and tips of each post. Plus the comparisons and lovely descriptions. I thought I was safe to pass on these but your reviews show how much fun you’ve had with these shadows now I need to go and play with them at the counter.

    • One more question, I adore Guerlain Sable Blonde but find the texture hard making it difficult to work with. Do you find it requires a stiffer brush like the Bobbi Brown Rich Color shadows? Any tips for application on the Guerlain?

      • Hi Sabrina–yes, just use a stiffer brush. It’s a great color—a lovely everyday neutral for a simple wash.

  2. Hello Amy, great review as usual. I was planning to buy sand dune as a light lid shade and was hoping for more of a satin finish rather than a shimmery one. Do you think sand dune would be too much shimmerwise as a lid shade?

    • Honor–it is comparable to Lotus as a shimmer. For a more satin look, I’d look at Burberry (which is at Galleries Lafayette now I understand)

  3. The mark of a makeup lover – I zeroed in on the pewter shade in your swatches, thinking, “oh! I want that one!” only to read the name and realize … I’ve got it!
    And I’m going to dig it out when I get back from my vacation and play around with it – great shade.

    Sand Dune is about as shimmery as I like to go for a highlight shade – or really for any shade I’d consider using in or above the crease. I don’t mind metallic lids (sometimes those are fun) but I feel like I look a bit tacky if I go too shimmery on the browbone. In this case I’d also say it’s a good thing that Sand Dune is on the sheer side. Thanks for appreciating that “OMG SO PIGMENTED” isn’t the only indicator of a good shadow!

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