Aug 292011

For the past few weeks, I’ve become ridiculously lash-obsessed.  During my quest for perfect fringe, I was introduced to a new line of false lashes, Faux, which has just launched an online website.  Faux’s philosophy is to provide gorgeous, sexy, high quality, very affordable and green-conscious lashes.

These lashes are beautifully made.  There are several different collections available.  I received two options from their Luxe line, which have a criss-cross feathery effect.  The ones above and below are Audrey ($16):

Liz tried on Audrey:

Because this was our first attempt to ever use a false lash, we were pleased to find these very flexible and easy to use (apologies, we cut Audrey a bit too short for our experiment, the actual lash is quite a bit longer).  We used clear Duo glue (not included); for this experimental picture we did not add eyeliner yet. This is how the lash looks on the eye without any added mascara.  We did give it a quick curl with a Shu Uemura curler before we took the picture. We both felt that Audrey gave a gorgeous look.

This is Sasha ($16), also from the Luxe line:

One more close-up of Sasha, which I think is just a gorgeous lash.  We’re going to try these on next:

The third is from the Runway Collection, called Diamonds ($12), which are studded with tiny black diamante beads:

Serious party lashes:

Overall, Liz and I were very impressed with the high quality, affordable price and overall glamorous look of Faux lashes.  The feel like very well-made lashes, easy to use and well-designed.  We’re looking forward to playing more with them, but wanted to give you this preview in case you’d like to play too.

Here’s a tutorial to help you put them on:

We also found Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial helpful as well.

Disclosure:  Faux Lashes sent these to Cafe Makeup without charge for review.

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  8 Responses to “An Introduction to Faux Lashes….”

  1. I love Diamonds though I can’t imagine where I’d wear them. Maybe as Lady Gaga for Haloween – seriously, I love her. I’d wear something similar to the Chanel suit she wore for her Barbara Walters interview, with the Diamond lashes. Yes, I like this idea.

  2. False lashes are fun, I hope you will continue exploring different shapes and length. Have fun 😉

  3. I’ve never been a fan of full strip lashes, but those look so lovely and natural! I’d love to wear something like that to an upcoming wedding! I checked the website, and they don’t ship to Canada. Do you know where else these can be purchased?

    I’d love to see more lash reviews in the future! These look gorgeous on Liz.

  4. I like the second set :). I am afraid of falsies. I have heard stories of some pulling them off of the lash and ripping out the natural lashes! I good way to wear falsies is to put them on the corner of the lashes to avoid looking like a drag queen. there are a lot of tips on how to wear them and tutorials on YT. take full advantage of the beauty scene on YT is beneficial. Have you thought of in the future to create a YT channel like a video slide show channel to display your products? what happened to the blog sale?

  5. You have piqued my interest! How do you remove them and are they reusable?

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