Sep 012011

Recently, Nars introduced a new formula of eyeliner pencils, Larger than Life ($23 each).  As Liz was a huge Backstreet Boys fan in her younger years, it’s hard for me to write this review without digging up the song on Youtube.  But I will try.

I tried Nars Via Appia, a beautiful, rich brown that bears a strong resemblance to Laura Mercier’s Brown Copper.  Here’s a comparison, where I added Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer and Nars Mekong powder eyeshadow single:

The texture of Nars Via Appia is super creamy.  It goes on like butter, there is no tugging or pulling whatsoever. The texture was rich.  As far as application goes, its foolproof. Nars Larger than Life Pencils are twist-up, not wood. There’s a handy sharpener on the end, to help you keep the end sharp enough to draw a fine line.

 Nars Larger than Life pencils are said to be long-lasting. Quite honestly, I think I’m am the lone voice on the entire Internet who found that Via Appia did not last an entire day for me (3-day trial, warm to hot weather).  I got a fair amount of wear on the outer corner by days’ end, although to be entirely fair I do go to the gym daily.  Still, I don’t  have any problem getting a full day from most other eyeliners (usually, a gel, pencil or fluid).

Overall, Nars Larger than Life eyeliner in Via Appia is a beautiful, creamy shimmer deep brown that is easy to apply and looks good on the eye.  My personal experience is that it did not fully deliver in the ‘long-wear’ department.  I would encourage you to read other reviews of the line for a comparison with my experience.

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  2 Responses to “Nars Via Appia Larger than Life Pencil”

  1. Thank you for these swatches. Without them I would have passed this by because it looks so warm and orangey. But its resemblance to LM Brown Copper, one of my favorites but even poorer on longevity (not a longlasting formula after all), makes it a candidate.

  2. What a gorgeous color 🙂 I love brown pencils and this one takes the cake out of all the ones I own – I’ll probably have to pick it up!

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