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I swear, I’m not trying to turn Cafe Makeup into “Chanel dupe” central (far from it).  We previously examined how Revlon Carbonite compares.  I learned from via a twitter message from Nouveau Cheap that this year’s L’Oreal Color of Hope collection included a near-Graphite color, L’Oreal Valiant.  Above, the bottle shows that they are all certain part of a trend of gray-green–they look like cousins.

 On nail, you can see that L’Oreal Valiant is more firmly in the chrome/frost texture, rather than the embedded sparkle of Chanel Graphite.  Here’s a picture of all three:  L’Oreal Valiant, Chanel Graphite, and Revlon Carbonite:

More comparisons in sunlight with flash:

One more in shade with flash:

My conclusion is that these aren’t true dupes, although between the two Revlon Carbonite is closer.  To me, Carbonite has more of the sparkle quality of Chanel Graphite while Valiant is a sheeny frost in texture.

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  10 Responses to “L’Oreal Valiant: Another Chanel Graphite Dupe?”

  1. It’s neat how in the photos of Valiant it looks greener near the cuticle and more gray at the tips.

  2. I agree – neither are real dupes. The Chanel has more depth too.

  3. These just aren’t even close. There is nothing wrong with them and it’s great that there are alternatives at different price points, but sometimes you have to splurge if you want the real deal. Graphite is in a class by itself.

  4. I’m all about the elegant Chanel bottles! There’s something so special about having a few Chanel polishes to line up in a row. Even if there was a drugstore dupe, I can’t resist the little luxury a Chanel polish brings me! 😀

  5. Like I said in your previous ‘dup’ post: hands down Chanel — no contest.

  6. I was disappointed with graphite, too yellow. I was hoping the dark side would prevail. It is great quality though.
    the l’oreal is nothing like it, you easily spot the difference. not too bad the revlon. I might try it hoping it’s not so yellowish as chanel’s.
    thanks for the snaps! really give us an idea!

  7. Revlon Carbonite looks perfect. No one would even notice the difference between that and the Chanel, looking at your hands. Thank you so much for this post! I can’t stomach $20 for a sparkly nail polish that I’d only wear a few times. I realize many of the readers of your blog take pride in their expensive purchases (and why not? if you’ve got it, flaunt it!) and want to feel justified in dropping their dough on stuff that looks the same on your face/hands/whatever to most people, but there are also poor college students reading. 😀 With all my student loan payments and joblessness I seriously appreciate your posts like this one.

  8. Oh boy, Amy, you’re going to have to add one more to this swatch list…Orly Rock Solid. It’s Graphite with multi-colored holographic glitter. I’ll be wearing it later in the day.

  9. i like valiant because if i want the glitter i can just layer it on. it’s more work appropriate for me.

  10. The Chanel polish is pretty, but in a few months there will be another must-have polish from them. The other two are close enough, really. You can add a mico glitter polish over those two and no one can tell. I have the Chanel polishes through work, and I picked up Valiant recently. Orly Rock Solid seems more charcoal to my eyes.

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