Sep 052011

First, this Dior film

As 1,000 Fragrances astutely observes, the Marilyn Monroe touch is a little into Chanel territory.  As many of you may recall, Marilyn once said that all that she wears to bed is a little Chanel No. 5.

Does Marilyn now say, “J’adore Dior?”

Second, Chanel is releasing so many products soon…how can we keep up?

  • Via Marina at Makeup4all, this set for Harrods called “Brompton Road”
  • A summary of Chanel’s Holiday collection from Beauty Crazed (I’m assuming those prices are Canadian)
  • I took this picture of Chanel’s Fashion’s Night Out Jeans de Chanel collection in a local Neimans– in addition to Chanel boutiques, these colors will be sold at Neimans in Houston, Dallas NorthPark, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Oakbrook, Michigan Ave., Tysons, Troy, Boca Raton, Austin, Natick and San Francisco.
Third, L’Occitane releases new Lavande collection.
Something about L’Occitane’s lavendar knocks me off of my feet.  Every time.
This time, I got these L’Occitane Lavande Hand Sanitizers ($7 each).  Usually, hand sanitizers smell like a mixture of bug spray, lysol and a dash of Clorox.  I exaggerate.  But with these, the chemical is masked by the strong smell of lavendar essential oil.  It doesn’t smell quite a nice as the Message Gel (or actual lavendar), but it’s a big huge step forward from Purell.

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  9 Responses to “Here’s What Three Things I’m Obsessed With This Week….”

  1. Woah, that Dior ad is awful … and don’t mess with Marilyn 😉

  2. Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe Doubles O___O Dior, you serious?!

  3. Does any body know how did they film it? I didn’t want to ask on the video page sounding like a total ditz-ball…(even though I am one) it seems seamless!

  4. Hi Citrine–I agree with miezekatz–it looks like they used look-alikes. So, real actresses….

  5. I saw the Jeans de Chanel collection last week and I think I like Blue Jeans best. But Coco Blue definitely stands out the most.

    Which one is your favorite?

  6. Hi Amy, Dior has been looking closely at Chanel on more than one occasion. Last month I opened the French Vogue and actually thought I was looking at a Chanel ad when in fact it was Dior. LaChanelphile wrote an interesting post about it:
    Seriously, when I want a Chanel knock off I should go to Dior now? What were they thinking?
    For some real Chanel, check this cool “shade parade” video featuring some of Chanel’s best selling nail polishes:

  7. Chanel’s Holiday Collection looks so beautiful! I can’t wait till October! Thank you for this link!

  8. How could they put Marilyn Monroe in Dior?

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