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Guerlain’s new Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes in Les Fumes ($59) is a pretty palette of brown-based neutrals.  Unlike last years permanent release of Guerlain’s Ecrin 6 Couleurs ($84), Les Fumes is a slightly smaller and more convenient size, a reduced price and a less complicated palette.  Fortunately, the quality of Guerlain’s 4 Couleurs is excellent–the lower price and smaller size does not mean reduced quality.

Les Fumes has:

– Top/center:  A soft pink-beige shell base color (matte)

– Left:  A shimmery medium brown with tiny microsparkles

– Bottom/center:  A deep shimmery brown with a touch of violet

– Right:  A shimmery pewter gray


Here is a swatch comparison with Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs Rue de Passay, which has a similar tonal quality although the shades are not the same:

On Liz:

Liz with Les Fumes (eyes closed):

Geurlain Les Fumes is incredibly easy to use.  With very little effort, one can achieve a very polished, sophisticated neutral eye.  Liz started with a base coat of the top center pink-beige all over the lid.  She then blended the left shade into the outer corner, and the deep shade (bottom center) into the crease.  She put a generous coating of the shimmery gray (on the right) starting from the inner corner halfway across the lid.

Gorgeous!  The texture is excellent–it’s not quite as soft as some of Dior’s 5-color palettes but the pigment comes off easily with only a slight pressure.  The powder is very finely milled and blends beautifully.

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  21 Responses to “Guerlain Le Fumes Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. What a nice selection of colors! I love the palette’s name too.

  2. Oh my that is gorgeous on liz!!! Do either of you have time to tell us how you applied it (ie which color you did first to last)?

  3. *sob* Liz is stunning, as is this palette. Must get, must get!

  4. So beautiful! I just ordered Chanel Prelude, but I think I might need this grey palette as well. I got Les Gris, and I am very impressed.

  5. Amy, this looks beautiful! Does it look similar to Chanel Prelude?

  6. Oh wow, another thing I need. The list keeps growing. Between cafe make up and the beauty look book I have about 100 things on my wish list!! The colours in this looks so lovely and wearable.

  7. very beautiful shadow!

  8. This looks stunning on Liz!! Beautiful look!

  9. Ok! Sold!! 😉 Going to purchase the palette this weekend.

  10. This is beautiful! x

  11. Liz does look great and thanks for the application guide as well! Great review…I’m looking forward to purchasing this palette.

  12. Liz looks gorgeous! I read your blog and love it! I have my eye on this quad, and may I know how does it compare to Nars Grand Palais? I haven’t seen Grand Palaus in person, so the top centre and left colours in this quad look similar to the duo? Hope you can do a comparison. Thanks!

  13. That looks so amazing lovely and it’s a palette I was considering. You’ve convinced me to buy it! Love Guerlain!

  14. The colours are gorgeous on Liz!!! Do you think it will show up the same on darker skin tones? Say somebody using Chanel Intensity 3/4 or Nars Sheer Glow in Barcelona? 😀

  15. Amy, do you feel like this is different enough from Prelude on the eyes to own both?

    • I do, Gail. If you are conservative about the amount of makeup that you want to own, you might compare them both to Tom Ford’s new line as well. I haven’t seen them yet (they aren’t yet released in the U.S.), but he’s likely to have some nice choices as well.

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