Sep 142011

When my order of a few of the new Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs palettes arrived, Les Gris ($59 / #5) was the first that I happened to open.  I literally gasped–this is visually stunning palette.

On the far left is a matte gray.   The top center is a shimmery shell beige highlight.  The bottom center is a deep, sparkling shimmery navy.  The far right is a medium gray metal shimmer.

 Les Gris didn’t seem to have a strong corollary in the Ecrin 6 Couleurs.  Instead, this one is a deep, cool and nicely-textured edgy combination.  Liz used the lightest shade as the base color for her lid, then layered the blue (bottom center) over the top of the base. She then used the right shimmery grey in the inner corner.  She touched the dark grey (on the left) in her crease lightly.  She’s using Benefit They’re Real Mascara (reviewed here), in natural light (no flash) in this picture:

Another picture, with flash.  You can see how the pearly texture of the shimmery shades reacts to the light:

 Same, eyes closed with flash:

Liz and I found Les Gris extremely easy to use.  The texture is beautiful and blends well.  Lovely colors–interesting but not over the top.  Highly recommended.

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  7 Responses to “Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs – Les Gris”

  1. That is one stunning palette! I’ve been eyeing these new quads from Querlain ever since I saw them the first time in the store about a month ago. It’s a bummer that they are so expensive, can’t really fit one in to my student budget atm. Thank you for these review, though they are not helping my lemmings 😉

  2. I am dying over your pictures. Please post all that you have before Nordstrom triple points is over so I can order. 🙂 Liz looks great in everything! I love the shine and brightening of the two palettes you’ve shown so far.

  3. Wow..these shades look absolutely stunning with Liz’s blue eyes! One of my favorite looks on her 🙂

  4. When I first saw this palette, I was completely taken by surprise because its reality was so different from the promo picture which made the deep navy appear to be teal. (I was hoping for a deeper, sexier version of Rue de Sèvres) But, it is stunning in its own right and is perfectly in keeping with this year’s trend: the navy smoky eye. Anyone who is not sure about full on navy will find much to like in this palette’s versatility as the deep shimmery blue can be worn as an accent to a beautiful selection of grays or as the main attraction. This palette will create some gorgeous evening looks for those of you who wear cool tones on your eyes.

  5. Gorgeous as always! I imagine that deepest blue would just make the most perfect liner.

  6. I absolutely love this palette! I got it and have found it easy to make a deep smoky look or a soft daytime one. I will be getting a few more Guerlain palettes for sure! They made the price point much easier to swallow this time.

  7. I’m loving your blog and follow each post on bloglovin’ 🙂

    Keep the great posts coming!

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