Sep 222011

NARS released two silver products for Fashion Night Out 2011 in its Silver Odyssey Collection:  Space Odyssey nail polish ($17) and Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Via Crispi ($23).  Although these were both sold out by the time that they arrived at my door, I thought it helpful to post some pictures for archival purposes (there do not seem to be very many sites featuring these).

Space Odyssey is a silver glitter nail polish, very silver, dramatic and metallic in tone.

This is a color to wear to a gallery opening, or other artsy-type setting. It’s so completely over the top that I have to love it.  Not work-friendly, not family-friendly, not really friendly at all.  Just killer silver nails.

Larger than Life Eyeliner in Via Crispi is almost the precise color of aluminum foil.


As with the other Larger than Life pencils, this is encased in black plastic, with a tip-sharpener on one end.

These might have gotten rushed out on a deadline, I had to twist this up a few inches before the creamy pencil point emerged.  Swatched on arm:

Truly an edgy, niche color. It’s opaque, it’s metallic, it’s certainly silver.  Some comparisons:

It seems to me that Fashion’s Night Out is the time to play.  Nars took the chance to put out something very tiny, very affordable, and very niche.  You’ll either love them for their insanity, or they won’t appeal to you at all.  For me, it was a chance to grab two highly-different colors that seemed a little inspired.

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  8 Responses to “NARS Fashion’s Night Out: Via Crispi and Space Odyssey”

  1. I have them both, love them both! How would you recommend wearing the liner? What shadows do you think it will pair well with?

    • It’s going to work with anything cool, including a cool black. I would use it as a liner very VERY thin line, possibly with a black kohl. It might work as a smudge under the eye

  2. Space Odyssey is actually be released full blown for the holiday. I believe it’ll be out at Barney’s NY in November when Francois himself shows up. Call Sasha and I’m sure you can help. She’s the absolute best!

  3. Thanks for these! I like the comparison swatches – I hadn’t considered the liner before so I’ll keep my eye out if they ever repromote it. I love rose platine and it seems like I’d like this one just as much!

    And from what I saw of Nars holiday collection info, Space Odyssey is supposed to be part of it, so it will be more widely released! Perhaps I will pick it up – it could be a fun color for New Years!

  4. I’m guessing MAC Wolf is L/E? the shade is absolutely gorgeous

  5. I loooooooove that polish! I also think the MAC Wolf liner is a gorgeous neutral! I always love your comparison swatches, they make a huge difference for me!

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