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Guerlain’s Holiday 2011 collection includes a new Meteorites Perles de Nuit ($56 / 1.05 oz.).  As with the other recent Meteorites releases, these are packaged in a beautifully designed metal container in shades of deep midnight blue.  It’s safe to say that these are limited edition.

Here’s the bottom label:

 Inside, the powder pearls are shades of pink, gold, orange and silver pearls to illuminate without whitening.

All the pearls:

I’ve worn these for two days, and absolutely love them.  They seem to mattify and give a pearl glow at the same time.  Unlike last year’s holiday meteorites Perles D’Or (reviewed here) which have a warm rosy gold glow, Perles de Nuit is a more neutral pearl effect which works well on both warm and cool skin tones.  These meteorites are gorgeous.  By the way, these are currently for sale on

Guerlain sent this product to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration and review.

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  18 Responses to “Guerlain Meteorites in Perles de Nuit for Holiday 2011”

  1. I need these, they look gorgeous! xxx

  2. They are so beautiful! I wish I could have more love for them. I just wish they didn’t include the white or silverish pearls that have the almost metallic coating on them. I don’t like the random glitter effect those give. I should just take them out maybe but it seems so wasteful. I do love the overall look and glow the Meteorites powders give but when I notice one of those glitter specks on my face I get annoyed! LOL

    • Im with you on the glitter. I can see the glitter on my face and I don’t like it but other than that I like it.

  3. are these matte enough to use all over the face or are they more of a highlighter? thanks!

    • All over the face! The effect is subtle and glowy Very pretty.

      • Hi Amy,

        Wow, I didn’t realize that it can be used all over the face! I always thought it was for highlighting, and hence I have never bought myself any. Since the effect is subtle and glowy, I know what I am gonna get myself for this Christmas, or should I say PreChristmas gift! I think Guerlain should send you more products to review. Your reviews are always in dept and to the point, very very helpful – not to mention how gorgeous your pictures look. Thanks again


  4. how glittery are they compared to the regular meteorites? (since the holiday-specials seemed to be way more glittery than the regular ones during the past years)

  5. I’ve always wanted to try these but worry that they would react with my sensitive skin. Do you know of anyone who has been irritated by these? Thanks in advance!

  6. Amy, what beautiful photography. The one with the pearls spilled out is just to die for! Thank you for this beautiful review, the packaging is divine. I clicked through to your review from last year and found it very helpful. I’ve never realized these were for an all-over-face highlighter, but it makes sense now. Thanks for the preview – had I not seen this I would have probably not even thought to put this on my list to check out since I have passed on most Meteorites releases. Also very glad to see Guerlain sent a piece for you to review. I hope they send more in the future, I find your in-depth reviews helpful. It’s your blog that started getting me interested in Guerlain to begin with.

    • Hi Sabrina,

      If you try these out at the counter, bring your own soft powder brush to lightly swirl over the pearls and then lightly sweep them across your arm. You’ll see a soft luminous glow in their wake. The brush that Guerlain sells to go with these is not very good and trends to make for a heavy application.

  7. Thanks Amy!
    Good for me, bad for my wallet haha 🙂

  8. I love Meteorites powders! Do you know if it is close to the Guerlain Meteorites Perles Impériales?

  9. Ah, Amy! You and Charlestongirl both reviewed this at the same time and now I can hardly wait to get my own Météorites! These gorgeous spheres of soft-focus magic are exceptionally beautiful this year and your review and pictures really show them off to great effect.

    I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Météorites is a finishing powder meant to be lightly brushed all over the face and décolleté to unify a look with a soft and subtle glow. They are not a highlighter or a blush, nor are they meant to make a color statement or add opaque color. They are a finishing powder, pure and simple, and a prettier one would be hard to find.

    Applied with a heavy hand or over buffed with the wrong type of brush, you can certainly end up with a shiny, shimmering look that is not very flattering, but that is a problem with the application–not with the Météorites. I’ve worn these luminous pearls of soft light for years both day and night, and have never had a problem with them being outré.

  10. Amy,
    These look lovely! I haven’t ventured into Guerlain, but they have put out some products that really have my interest lately. Just out of curiosity, how big is the box that the Meteorites come in? I saw that the weight is 1.05 oz, but sometimes I like a visual of what the packaging looks like before I order. I may have to order this when I order some of their new quads!

  11. gosh, they look gorgeous! i so want these now!
    Grace xx

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