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Chanel has just released a new foundation, Perfection Lumiere ($55), which I’m currently testing. In the meantime, I thought it useful to post swatches of nearly all of the shades for my readers. Just a quick note–although Chanel’s Pro Lumiere has been discontinued at the same time that Perfection Lumiere has been released, they are not similar. Although the names echo each other, the finish of Perfection Lumiere is far more matte, and much less “glowy” than Pro Lumiere. I’ll report more on the formula, wear time and finish after more testing.

The foundation comes in a glass pump bottle:

Ingredient list (click to enlarge):

As you can see, there is some sunscreen (titanium dioxide/ SPF 10) in the product.

The biggest change that is immediately noticeable is the large shade range. Perfection Lumiere includes twenty (20) shades (19 are swatched here), which is both unprecedented and welcome from Chanel. I’m so pleased to see very light to dark shades.

The shades are grouped according to undertone. As you will see, some of the darker shades have incorporated reds and blues, and lighter shades have a wide range of available undertones. Like other recent Chanel foundation releases, if possible try before you buy. It takes at least five (5) minutes (or longer) before the shade will “settle” into its true color on your skin. Also, you will notice the texture shifts during this time. These swatches were taken with at least 15 minutes of dry time each.

I’ve only tried the foundation once, but my first experience shows that the foundation goes on dry and powdery for the first few minutes. After 1/2 hour, the foundation looked much more natural, less matte and more like real skin. Normally I wear a warm-toned Chanel Cameo/Ivoire (MAC NC15 leaning a bit toward NC20 rather than lighter).

The Beige shades are light to medium in tone:

The Beige Rose Shades are light to medium in tone. These shades are very slightly pinker than the Beige shades:

Here is a comparison of Beige 20 and Beige 22 so that you can see the undertone difference:

Beige Ambre (which translates to “Amber Beige”), which are very warm and run in the medium skin tone range:

The Ambre shades (except for Ambre 114, which was not yet in stock):

Many thanks to the wonderful associates at Nordstrom Beauty, who filled little tiny sample jars so that we could have this as a reference. I always get great service there.  More comparison swatches are posted here on Cafe Makeup.

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  40 Responses to “Chanel Perfection Lumiere Swatches”

  1. Can’t wait for a full rview, I’ve really been looking forward to this product! Thanks so much for taking the time to post this 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for swatching these!!! Major, major help! I am super interested in your review of this product! I hope to hear soon!!

  3. Thank you!! This is great, I live in VT where I am so far away from a Chanel counter. Would you say these shades oxidize as they sit on the skin?

    • No they do NOT oxidize on me. Instead they take few minutes to settle down. Then the color is VERY stable. This is very typical of nearly all Chanel foundations released in the past few years.

  4. Like the others, I’m looking forward to what you have to say about Perfection Lumière. I was given a couple very generous samples of this foundation and really like it. Unlike the Aqua Lumière, this one is kinder to mature complexions.

  5. Thank you for doing this.

  6. I am so excited to try this! I loved the flawless finish of Pro Lumiere, but it was way too shiny for my skin. I loved the texture of Aqua Lumiere, but I would like more coverage. Chanel is making fantastic improvements to their line lately! 😀

  7. Will you let us know if your skin is dry, normal, or oily? Mine is oily, and this foundation pooled into droplets on my forehead on a very humid day. I was so disappointed. I suspect that I will have to save this foundation for winter when my skin is drier.

    • I had a similar experience. My skin is oily and for the three days that I tested it, I was a shiny mess by 10am, even after having used primer under it. And I work indoors in air conditioning. So disappointed, particularly because Beige 60 is the perfect shade for me and it only slightly oxidized later in the day. Back to Mat Lumiere, although I may try this again in the middle of winter.

      • Panna, Beige Ambre 44 is perfect for me too. It’s difficult finding a really good color match, so I’ll save for winter and also try a different moisturizer under it.

    • Hi Ava,

      My skin is dry and this has proven to be a great formula for me. I have not had any problems with Perfection Lumière even on the recent hot and humid days we’ve been having. Because I like using an ultra fine finishing powder, I asked my charming (and much younger) Chanel SA who has been wearing PL for several weeks now if she ever powdered Perfection Lumiére. She said she lightly powdered her T-zone.

      This is not a rich moisturizing formula, per se. It’s just that it wears very well on my dry skin routine of serum, moisturizer, SPF.

      • Hi Eileen,

        I’m glad PL is working for you! Beige Ambre 44 is a perfect color match for me so I plan to try different moisturizers under it. I use T. le Clerc finishing powder over any foundation I use, but still have to blot by noon. That’s just life with oily skin!

  8. I’m a current user of Vitalumiere Aqua, and an all time lover of Chanel foundations. I was thinking trying Mat Lumiere, but I think I will wait for a full review of this one to decide which one to get! 😀

  9. Can’t wait to see it in Europe!

  10. I am not a big fan of foundations, but I loved the texture of Vitalumiere Aqua so much that I bought it, and I’m actually using it quite frequently. But I really wish it wasn’t so matte. My skin is, when I’m taking good care of it, combination-normal, and I actually prefer more dewy foundations. Fortunately I find that once it settles it looks more natural. But I wish that Chanel would put out a dewy foundations instead of so many matte ones, because they really do make a very lovely texture.

  11. Chanel’s foundation that does not contain Tocopherol and Tocopheryl Acetate?! This is a serious breakthrough!

  12. Thank you for the swatches, and most importantly, for showing the ingredient list! My skin reacts terribly to chemical sunscreens so it’s nice to see a foundation without them. I’ll have to find my way to a Chanel counter to try this foundation.

  13. I stopped by SAKS yesterday & my girl told me that for my skin – I’m older & my skin is rather dry – that this is not for me. I currently use the Lift Lumiere & the round compact Teint Innocence and I love both. I also use their tinted moisturizer which I love when I’m in a hurry or on the weekends for a quick look.

    • Hi Gail,

      I’m in my mid-sixties with dry skin. This has proven to be an excellent foundation for me. I apply it over my normal morning routine of serum, moisturizer, and SPF. PL gives me a satin/matte finish that lasts the day without settling into the nooks and cranies 🙂 if you haven’t tried a sample, do so. It’s another lovely foundation by Chanel.

      • Thanks Eileen – I’m sixty and I will have to try a sample. Have you tried the Lift Lumiere or the Teint Innocence compact – I always have people ask what foundation I’m wearing so I have stuck w/those 2. I think Chanel foundations are the best – been using them since I started wearing foundation.

        • Hi Gail,

          I used to wear Vitalumiere which is the most hydrating of Chanel’s formulas. I discontinued wearing it about two years ago because my skin had lightened to the point where the lightest shade looked a tad too yellow on me. In the PL, I wear BR12 and it is a perfect fit.

  14. I’m not a huge foundation girl (I’ve been using YSL Teint Resist SPF 10 only because my mom is a makeup artist for YSL), but I’m curious to see how this Chanel works on my skin. I’ll probably head on over to Nordstrom to get a sample as well and I too am anxious to read your full review….

  15. Beige 10 seems to be a good match for me. Can not wait to se your full review and try it for myself when it comes to Norway.

  16. I ordered BR12 because I do have some slight pink undertones…but I found it to be too pink if that makes sense? Anyways I just ordered B10 and B20 and hopefully I can sort of mix the two because I’m sort of in between shades at the moment 🙁 Other than that, I found that the finish was pretty forgiving of blemishes…but I found that without a primer or lotion underneath it settled into pores in an unsightly matter.

  17. Would you say the shades are the same as the shades of Vitalumiere Aqua? I am a BR10, for example, and it is a tad light but BR20 is too dark.

    • HI there, I’m going to post some comparisons later on. Unfortunately, I don’t have VA BR in my stash, but my preliminary tests show some variation the “B” range.

  18. So glad to see some cooler colors in this new foundation. Chanel foundations are usually too warm/orange for my skin tone.

  19. Amy, which color is a match for you? I am fair, yet warm, like you and I was matched to br12; the sa thought b10 looked too yellow on me but dept store lighting is terrible and when I walked around a bit today (in my home) with spots of foundation on my cheeks and chin I thought perhaps it looked a bit calamine lotion-ish. I would love to hear which shade worked for you… I am hoping I didn’t look like a crazy person when I wore it yesterday!!

    • Hi Katie–I bought three– B10, B20 and BR32. I’ve been wearing the Beige Rose 32 so far and it looks pretty good. I haven’t tried the other two shades yet.

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  22. Hello,
    I was very excited to see all the shades on display instead of how they look on the Chanel website. I recently got a sample of the shade beige rose 32 and I loved the way it felt, as well as the coverage. The only problem is coincidentally I ended up swimming after trying it both times. Now it’s all gone and I’m worried that if it oxidizes it will be too dark for my skintone. I normally use the lightest shades of foundation. I’m curious if the beige rose swatches you have pictured are still wet or if its after the have fully dried. The nearest Chanel is 3 hours away and I just don’t want to get stuck with an online purchase too dark. Thanks!

    • All swatches are done dry, but I would definitely purchase from a store that graciously handles returns (Nordstrom is my go-to beauty source. I rarely return, but they are very humane about the entire transaction). Some of these formulas seem to try to adjust for individual skin tone, so (as with any beauty blogger), your mileage may vary!

  23. Thanks you sooooooo much for these. I’ve been wondering what my shade is. Can’t wait till this is out in my region. <3 Thank you!

  24. Thank you for posting such a comprehensive foundation swatch. I have just recently gotten into the Chanel makeup line. The Teint Innocence compact I’m currently trying feels great and it gives a natural smooth coverage. The Chanel makeup artist matched me to Beige 40 which I find to be a little dark and still too pink for my face. Seeing your swatch, I am thinking of trying the Beige Ambre 24 since it seems to be the lightest shade out of the Beige Ambre range.

  25. Is b10 a good color for the pale skinned girls? I wear Siberia in Nars… I’ve never been able to wear a Chanel foundation as it’s always been too dark, but this looks like it might work for me?

    • It’s worth trying Tanya, but make sure it works before you buy…. 🙂 Sorry, I don’t wear Nars foundations so I’m not sure where that one fits on this spectrum.

  26. Hi !!!
    I’m DYING to know that I’m NC 30 for MAC select cover-up concealer which I dont know if it is the same as the regular MAC foundation ones and what shade am I for Chanel perfection lumiere?
    Thank you soo muchh !! xx <3

    • Sorry, I cannot match you from your MAC concealer shade to your foundation shade in Chanel Perfection Lumiere–really, as I’ve said repeatedly in this review, you’ve got to get to a counter to be matched. Thank you for your understanding.

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