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With the release of Chanel’s new Perfection Lumiere Foundation (swatched here and here), Chanel released a single Foundation Brush ($45) (#6) (Chanel Brush/ Les Pinceaux de Chanel Pinceau Fond de Teint).  Some stores have not yet received these in stock, mine was purchased from

According to some sales associates whom I’ve interrogated (yes, Cafe Makeup brings it when we visit a makeup counter, and sometimes we feel a little bad about that), Chanel’s brush redesign should be completely up for sale around Spring ’12.  Please note that “Spring ’12” in the makeup world means “late December ’11.”  We’ll have to see what actually happens, because none of this information is official and may have been obtained under duress.

The brush is just over 6 inches long.  As you can see, Chanel has dramatically changed the brush head into three colors, which if inspected closely have three different textures.

For lack of a better word, I’ve come to think of this as a “tri-fiber” brush  head.  Chanel’s former international (non-U.S.) foundation brush was somewhat similar.  The fiber closest to the ferrule is very stiff, so that the brush head holds its shape when wet with liquid foundation, and pressed against all of the different parts of the face.  The center portion (the dark brown) has more flexibility and seems quite absorbent to hold the liquid well.  The bristle tips are soft and feathery, which is a good brush texture for blending an airbrushed finish.  The ends taper to a very fine point.

The handle has the same feel as Chanel’s former international (non-U.S.) brushes–it feels like wood (or a wood composite), which is not too heavy but sufficiently substantial to give you a good grip.

The text on the back is simple–only the brush number (#6) and brush name (“Foundation”) are printed there.  Curiously, I did not see the country of origin stamped on the brush.  This is true even on the ferrule, where Chanel had previously stamped its country of origin.  Like Chanel’s now-discontinued brush, this new one is made in China:

Some of my former Chanel brusheswere made in China have held up very well for years, and perform extremely well.  I would not have noted this at all, except that I occasionally get questions.

Comparison of three foundation brushes–my well-worn Chanel now-discontinued foundation brush (#16), Shiseido’s new Perfect Foundation Brush (reviewed here) and Chanel’s new foundation brush:

I liked the brush head of the new Chanel Foundation Brush (#6), better than the discontinued Chanel foundation brush (#16).  The feathery tip helps me get a flawless look with fewer brushstrokes.  The finish that I can achieve with the new foundation brush and Perfection Lumiere has drawn compliments (it does look better, in my opinion).

If you are choosing between Shiseido’s Perfect Foundation Brush and Chanel’s new Foundation Brush #6, here are my thoughts:

  • As you can see, the brush head shape of either is remarkably different;
  • The Shiseido brush tends to be faster, because the flat head absorbs and deposits foundation very quickly;
  • If you are inexperienced or rushed, the Shiseido will give you a slightly heavier coverage (those with more experience or care can work well with either);
  • The Chanel brush shape is a classic shape used for layering foundation–it’s more intuitive for light coverage that is then “built up” only where needed;
  • Shiseido’s compact size is perfect for travel and less expensive;
  • Chanel’s seems to be easier and faster to clean (this isn’t really a performance issue I thought I’d point it out).
  • Bottom line, if you are choosing between them you cannot go “wrong” with either one–really, it’s going to come down to your personal foundation style and use preference.

Overall, the new Chanel Foundation Brush is a positive step forward.  I far prefer it to the older Chanel foundation brush–the smaller size, the feathery bristle ends, and the tapered top deliver a better product.  To get The Beauty Look Book’s views, see her review here.

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  5 Responses to “Chanel New Foundation Brush #6”

  1. I was very disappointed by the Shiseido brush – I’m not an expert with foundation brushes, but after reading in many blogs about the miracles of buffing foundation (“natural” and “flawless” are recurring adjectives), I finally splurged for the Shiseido after your review.
    Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but the whole buffing technique makes you “flawless” just because it gives you such an innatural coverage! You certainly look like you are wearing foundation – who wants this? I mean except those that layer powder foundation on top of their liquid foundation, below the bronzer, the highliter, the blush and the concealer. 😉
    [Ok, I’m just bitter because I am not able to use the stupid brush, and I am aware that natural and flawless mean different things for everyone.]

    So, please, how do you buff AND get a natural finish? Are there any tips/tricks?

    • Try to use far less foundation at the start. Start with just a touch, and use the brush to spread it around. My guess is that it’s going on in a thicker layer than you wish.

      If you need extra coverage anywhere, layer foundation only in those areas. If the areas are small use a synthetic eyeshadow, eyeliner or concealer brush.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Just for your reference, the brushes are made in China because the Chinese have an extensive knowledge in brush making because of the use of brushes in their writing caligraphy for thousands of years. When I heard this, I thought, oh yeah, that makes so much sense! I love this post. I always learn something from your posts!

  3. I bought this brush a couple weeks ago and I am in love! My foundation, whether Guerlain or Chanel, has never looked better.

  4. […] The Beauty Look Book has a wonderful review here, or you can also check Cafe Makeup’s review here for comparisons with the original). This brush bears a tapered domed head, with dense, yet flexible […]

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