Last month, Chanel released a limited edition set of nail polishes for Fashion’s Night Out (reviewed here).  Chanel’s blue-themed colors, in Coco Blue, Blue Boy and Blue Rebel sold for $29 each, bringing the total over $100 for all three ($87 without shipping or tax).  Last week, Nubar released the Nubar Jeans Collections at $19 for the set of three.  Each Nubar shade is a variant of the initials “NJC,” after the name of the collection– “NJC1,” for the lightest, “NJC2” for the medium blue and “NJC3” for the deepest shade.  Cafe Makeup decided to do a comparison.

Another picture, different lighting:

NC1 and Chanel Coco Blue are the lightest shades in each collection, and each has a pearly texture:

This close up show the pearl texture of each:

On nails, you can see a slight color difference:

The medium blue shade is Nubar’s NJC2 and Chanel Blue Boy.  This color has no shimmer, and is a slightly translucent creme:

You can see a slight color difference between the two shades:

On nails:

The deepest shade is Nubar NJC3 and Chanel Blue Rebel:

Close up, you can see that the texture of these is quite similar:

On nails:

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Nubar Jean Collection polishes.  They work well, are easy to apply and gave me no problems with two coats.  For $19, I think that they’re a steal.  As these pictures show, there are some subtle differences between Nubar and Chanel’s precise colors and textures.  Whether the difference warrants paying more for the Chanel is really an individual beauty-lover’s decision.

Nubar’s polish set is available for sale here (careful, shipping costs can be a little high).  Chanel’s Jeans Collection was limited edition and is no longer for sale.

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