Oct 272011

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Empire ($32/ #707) is a soft shimmery pink-peach liquid lipstick.  The tube is very compact and can be tucked into the tiniest bag.  Despite the diminutive size, this liquid formula delivers plenty of coverage.

As you can see, Rouge Allure Laque Empire is a cross between Chanel Ming and Chanel Santal–a pinky peach hybrid with added shimmer.  It certainly far lighter and more natural than the very edgy Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt (released with Chanel Soho Fall 2010).

Here is Chanel Empire on Liz:

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Empire is another easy to wear, softly toned liquid lipstick that will go with almost anything. Gorgeous.

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  14 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Empire Review”

  1. hi amy!!! when i had a holiday make over at my local chanel counter, i asked my makeup artist about the laque formulas. she said they are too drying for my lips. however, as much as i liked “enviree” (spelling??) the rouge allure lip, i noticed walking around the mall and looking in the mirror i could see my lips chapped. that never happened before. as far as better wearability without frequent touchups would you suggest the laque formula instead? thankyou!! xo p.s. the artist used chanel’s lip creme that comes in a container, not a tube, made my lips feel dry.

    • Hi Wendy, honestly I’ve never had a problem with any lipstick formula drying my lips. In fact, I find the Chanel Rouge Allure formula moisturizing (I do not live in a dry climate and I do not have dry skin.) I had understood that it contained oil to aid moisture. Perhaps another reader can respond with some helpful information?

    • Hi Wendy,

      I’m surprised your MA made that statement about RA Laque. I have chronically dry lips and have not had a problem with it drying them out or chapping them. Of course, we all know that the various ingredients in products can react differently on people, but in general, RA Laque is not considered drying. Give it a test run and then decide for yourself.

      Because my lips are über dry under the best of circumstances, I’m all about prepping with an occlusive type of moisturizing lip balm in the morning and tapping it on throughout the day no matter what lipstick or gloss I’m wearing. I also avoid lip primers and bases like the plague as the ingredients designed to keep emollient lip products in place tend to be drying.

  2. thanks amy!!! did liz wear a pencil with this? i guess i should sample this at the counter. this would be sooo convenient and not have to buy a glossimer too!!! xo

  3. Thanks for this review, Amy! I’ve been waiting for your thoughts on exactly this item. 🙂

  4. I like that colour very much. I already have Ming but I wonder if this might be even more wearable for me? Thank you very much for the swatches.
    Jane x

    • Hi Modesty,

      You need both 🙂 Ming is lighter and more sheer than Empire. I think of Ming as one of those less-is-more springtime colors: lovely, delicate, effortless. Empire is a deeper, warmer, gilded pink that is perfect for winter holidays. It’s subtle gold sparkle makes it a wonderful alternative to the traditional holiday red lip.

  5. Empire looks great! I really like Stunt too, I seem to be drawn to those kinds colours this time of year.

  6. Oh, I love your reviews! All the more because I already bought almost the entire Holiday offerings! I was so excited to read that you too immediately thought of Rouge Byzantine when you saw Famous. I wore the 2 single shadows earlier this week and loved them; a sexy, smoky eye but elegant. Today i wore the eye shadow duo. I thought at first oh no–too much but then I played with it and wow, Amy, sexy or what? I love it! The best collection yet (I always say that). The only things I do not own–yet–are the Feerie loose powder, the gold eyeliner and the Sweet Beige gloss. I await your reviews of these products with baited breath! Keep up the stunning work.

  7. In my haste to pick up the highlighter, I completely ignored these gorgeous products. I love soft pinks and I’m looking forward to trying this on. Looks fabulous on Liz….

  8. This looks lovely on Liz…I may have to pull the trigger on this one! Of course, everything looks good on Liz!

  9. I bought this one today. It applies so smoothly on your lips and the colour is een everyday gorgeous pink love love love it! Thank you for posting this your reviews are always very helpful.

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