Oct 292011

Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Blazing Gold ($28.50/#407) is a medium yellow eyeshadow with large shimmer particles.

I feel the same way about Chanel Blazing Gold as I do about many of the items in Chanel Holiday 2011.  That is, these Holiday items are amped up, or glitzed-up, versions of other items that Chanel has done before. I’m not criticizing–Holiday is not the time for fashion-forward, necessarily.  Niche collections like Fashion’s Night Out or mini-collections for boutique-only release are for pushing the envelope.  Holiday can be for making the beautified version of the familiar, a classic with a little more, I suppose.  Sometimes I wonder if Holiday collections are for women who buy makeup once a year.  We see the large, blockbuster palettes (Bobbi Brown), the well-priced sets (everyone), another highlighter with a twist (everyone) and the metallic infused color versions of the permanent line (Dior, perhaps?).  Those with more extensive collections should be selective.

Here is a comparison swatch of Chanel Blazing Gold next to Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Gold–as you can see, the colors are very, very similar.  The difference is that Blazing Gold has larger shimmer pieces for evening wear and the texture is not as smooth.

For context, I included a soft yellow Lancome Moonlight which is only sold in Europe (reviewed here).  Also, I’ve included  a metallic gold (Bare Escentuals True Gold) to show that Blazing Gold is far more in the “yellow” category rather than a gold metal.

Someone’s going to look amazing in Chanel Soft Touch in Blazing Gold.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.  I can make it work (sort of), if I confine its use to a very small lid area or inner corner highlighter.  But in general yellows don’t favor my fair, warm toned skin.  Those who already own Chanel Gold should evaluate whether Blazing Gold makes sense given their similarity.

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  8 Responses to “Chanel Blazing Gold Eyeshadow Review”

  1. I was so disappointed in Blazing Gold… Beige Lame was such a hit for me though. I do with they’d have done a quad =( and some sort of knock me on my butt deep gold polish

  2. You raised a good point about holiday collections, Amy. For the most part, they’re pretty traditional and are basically this year’s version of classic looks. I gave all of Chanel’s golds–gloss, shadow, liner–a miss because I already have more than enough in my collection. Since there wasn’t anything new in formulation, texture, or finish, it didn’t make sense to purchase them. They are all very lovely, but they’re more suited to someone who needs a gold item or two to round out their collection.

    Now, Beige Lamé is another story. Just another beige? Hardly! The base color is soft and refined; nothing revolutionary, but the multi-colored micro shimmer sets it apart. It’s a good example of a color that has enough of a twist to make it worth purchasing even though someone might already have lots of beiges in their collection.

  3. I’m amazed that you can get both the Gold & the Lame to show up on your skin. I tried them in the store and I could see the sparkle but the color was so faint. I think I’m pretty light wearing B20 in the Vitalumiere aqua.

  4. Yeah totally agree about the holiday collections – they cater for the lowest common denominator! Usually very universally wearable and unexciting. I think Dior have done a good job this year – eventhough the gold infused nail polishes and l/s are wearable they aren’t completely dupable – in my collection anyway!

  5. This is what I like so much about your reviews your honesty not all blogs have that. I did not like this product either as well as the glittering poudre. Thanks for posting!

  6. I love both blazing gold and lame beige, I was pleasantly surprized with both, I usually skip golds and bronzes especially around the holidays because they usually seem to be the same or not workable for year around use.

  7. I didn’t care for Blazing Gold either but it is more due to the texture with chunky shimmer pieces in there. I love gold eye shadows but I am surprised that I don’t own any yellow gold shades yet. Chanel has discontinued the Gold shade already. I am also wondering if the color of Blazing Gold is similar to the gold shade in the Topkapi quad. It looks like it to me on my computer screen.

  8. I love gold eyeshadows and was so keen to try glazing gold out! But was so disappointed in the shop as I though it was chunky, powdery and too dull.

    However, the lady at the counter made me try it out with a damp sponge applicator, and it completely transformed the eyeshadow for me!

    I LOVE it! it’s now one of my favourites. It can be worn in the day and night, is long lasting and just a BEAUTIFUL and intense colour.

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