Oct 302011

Chanel Le Vernis nail polish in Rouge Carat ($25 /#587) released for Holiday 2011 is a festive rich red infused with fuchsia sparkle.

As Chanel polishes go, Rouge Carat is one of the “good” formulations (meaning superb).  It gives a smooth, even, completely opaque coat of color with a single coat, although I prefer to give two coats just to spread the gorgeous texture and give a completely smooth appearance.

Chanel Rouge Carat is a beautiful classic color, although perhaps not one that is entirely unique.  Unlike some of the taupe, greens and blues that we’ve seen from Chanel lately, Rouge Carat is a rich, traditional color that is Holiday appropriate.

The sparkle is noticeable at close inspection in sunlight, although the color is entirely work (and party) appropriate:

Here is a comparison with numerous other reds in my collection, showing that Chanel Rouge Carat bears some resemblance to Chanel Shanghai Red and OPI Thanks So Muchness (click to enlarge):

Also pictured here are OPI Big Apple Red, Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise, Dior Trafalgar, Chanel Dragon, Chanel Rouge Fatale, and Dior Gruau.

Overall, the formula of Rouge Carat makes it worth the price to me.  Although not a terribly unique color, I love a polish that gives a gorgeous glossy, pigmented color in a single coat.  Having said that, I don’t think that Chanel Rouge Carat is a ‘back-up worthy’ color.  Although it’s a beautiful color, I’m more likely to reach for the classic Chanel Dragon (which long ago stole my heart as my favorite Chanel red).

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  7 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Carat Nail Polish Review”

  1. I love Rouge Carat! This is my “christmas red” hihi 😉
    have a nice day 🙂

  2. this seems quite similar to dior’s nail polish for holiday 2011 in merveille, which is a gorgeous cherry red with gold shimmer so i’ll pass but i do love these colours overall.

  3. I know Dragon is a classic favorite, but I much prefer Rouge Carat over it due to the shimmers and pink tone IMHO.

  4. I bought this one too and just love the colour its very elegant my first Chanel red. Can’t wait for your review on the highlighter I would like to hear what you think about this product there it is very expensive and I when I swatched it I did not love it and thought it was very white and chalky. So hope you wil be posting it soon they I would like to read an honest review!

  5. It looks REALLY close to Shanghai Red to me!

  6. beautiful classic reds! so pretty I like the deeper reds more towards the right and the lighter sparkly reds. very nice 🙂

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