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The Holiday 2011 Holiday Sculptee de Chanel Highlighting Powder ($72/ .46 oz.) has a gorgeously textured, glazed finished.  The compact is the large Chanel version that matches the size of Chanel’s powder foundations and bronzers and comes with a well-designed, usable brush.  The compact and velveteen sleeve:

Designed as an elegant gift, the glazing on the highlighter looks beautiful and brushes off easily with a few brush swipes:

 The powder is soft and the pattern wears down quite easily.  Here is the same compact with the glazing removed and after the highlighter was used once on Liz:

This highlighter did not live up to my expectations.  I found that the texture was not as finely milled as Chanel’s Pearl Glow, and the highlighting was so subtle that the product acts more as a very slightly glowy finishing powder.  Here is the powder applied heavily on Liz’s cheek over Chanel’s Tweed Brun Rose blush (reviewed here) in sun:

Typically, this type of lighting maximizes the highlighting properties of any powder product (compare Guerlain’s Parure de Nuit here).  Neither Liz or I found that Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel had reflectivity.  Here is a comparison between Chanel’s Lumiere Sculptee, MAC Lightscapade, Chanel Pearl Glow (reviewed here) and Guerlain Parure de Nuit (which picked up some color from the peacock color shapes):

To be honest, I was disappointed (and a bit surprised) with Chanel Lumiere Sculptee. As beautiful as the product looked in the promotional pictures (really, it absolutely glowed with the pretty glazing), I found the product delivers a finishing powder-type look. Worse, I didn’t find the powder very finely milled.  I’d give this a “pass,” even for collectors.  Particularly at this price point, this did not work for me.

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  6 Responses to “Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel Review”

  1. Thank you so much for this honest review. I felt exactly the same loved how it looked but on my face it just was not what you would expect from Chanel but no harm done get to save my money for something better in the near future. Thanks again for posting I always enjoy reading your reviews!

  2. I would just like to say that I love your blog…it is a daily must-read for me. BUT, your photos are truly incredible (and much appreciated). Thank you.

  3. This was a no-go for me as well. As someone who prefers dewy & glowy over shimmer, I’d thought this would be a winner, but it was just too subtle and overall to get the effect I was looking for required far too much product than I’m comfortable with on my skin.

  4. a beautiful looking product, but no way its worth the money.

  5. I’m sorry that this disappointed! But I have to say that I’m really relieved to hear so. I got to my Chanel counter late (we only have one) and found that this was entirely sold out. My SA told me how much she was enjoying it, and I felt so let down that I missed out on it! But after reading your review (and I’m a regular reader, so I trust your opinion!), I’m glad to hear that I actually didn’t miss out on anything. Thank you so much!

  6. I guess I’ll be the dissent here! I LOVE this powder. But this is not a highlighting powder in the typical sense like the previous two released by Chanel. (The one with a ton of overspray from the Aqua collection and the gold one from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.) Those have actual glitter, microspray, sparkle that is in the actual product. This highlighter does not. The glitter is just the top level. Once you get past and it is gone it is more like the powder you get from a compact. That being said, if you are looking for a highlighter, this is probably not for you. However, if you are looking for an insanely awesome powder in a compact to wear as your finishing touch- this is for you. It is much more finely milled then the powders in the Chanel compacts. I used this all over my face to set my makeup and could not believe how healthy and glowy my skin looked all night. I would not call it exactly “dewy” but it is close. I use this now instead of a pressed or loose powder to set my makeup. I love it.

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