Nov 062011

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre / Natural Finish Loose Powder in Féérie ($52/ #47 1.0 oz.) is a finely milled loose powder released for Holiday 2011.  The powder has a soft pink cast and is interspersed with very subtle sparkle that are not obvious on the face once applied.

I’ve long loved Chanel’s Universelle Libre powders.  I’ve used up two in in their standard line, and Liz has finished some as well.  Although these days I’ve been working on a tub of Caron’s legendary Translucent loose powder (reviewed here) for a few years, I find them to be quite comparable.  When (if?) I ever run out of the Caron tub, I’ll go back to Chanel’s Clair because it’s much more accessible in the U.S. to purchase.

Chanel Loose Powder is Féérie is a absolutely beautiful glowing powder with a slight shell pink cast.  It adds a slight glow that is absolutely beautiful.  The sparkle which is noticeable in the container does not seem to be apparent when applied.  I believe that Féérie is the most beautiful item in the Chanel Holiday 2011 Collection.  Get one while you can.

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  17 Responses to “Chanel Loose Powder in Féérie Review”

  1. It looks really nice… but I would love to know if it’s some how similar to Guerlain’s Météorites, which is my current favorite powder.

  2. ooh, so delicate. Do you think it will work on my warm skin tone?

  3. I thought this was a glitter bomb when I swatted this in the perfumery as we call makeup stores. However I see I have to change my mind and get my hands on this! 😉

  4. Swatched – sorry.

  5. Hi Amy, I love your blog <3
    I own the Chanel feerie powder and I can say: The glitter stays in the face 🙁
    It would be a perfect powder If the glitter were invisible on the face but it isnt…

  6. can we use it setting powder?

    • Yes, although you should compare this to the regular Chanel powder if you are looking for an every day setting powder

  7. Oh, looks so pretty!
    Does it provide oil control?

  8. I have to agree with Maria- I found this to be super glittery. My Chanel sales girl said she thought it was meant more for a night out and/or to be worn along the. dectollege. (Sorry for the spelling.) I must say though, I have pretty much 0 tolerance when it comes to glitter though. For example, I am not a huge overspray fan and prefer when that wears away a bit as you use it.

  9. Will you be posting a foto with the powder on the face I would love to see how its shows up on the face. I did not test this because it sparkled soo much I thought it would be more of a powder for the body than on the face but know I am not sure.

  10. I swatched this at the counter yesterday and found that the glitter is very visible. There’s too much of it and I felt that using it all over would be going overboard.

    • Same thoughts here. This is super sparkly. The Lumiere Sculptee is much nicer for an overall glow, IMO.

  11. Will you be posting a picture of how it looks on Liz’s face I would love to see?

  12. I’ve yet to try Chanel’s Universelle Libre powders, let alone this one. My face powder is due to run out in the next month. I’m wondering if it is just slightly shimmery? When people are saying the word – glittery I’m picturing/wondering how Chanel could have expected it to work. I’m definitely going to search this out and swatch it next time I’m out shopping. Thanks for sharing 😉 great review!

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