Nov 142011

The beauty world is buzzing about Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. This new line of lipsticks, each of which retails at $7.49, is currently being rolled out nationwide. I’ve heard so much about these over the past few weeks, they just seemed like the perfect little bon bon item for the Cafe Makeup Dollar Menu.

The color range is huge–there are twenty (20) different shades. The texture appears to be a drugstore version mix between the highly moisturizing sheer colors that we saw in Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Burberry Lip Mist, and Dior Addict earlier this Spring, and the old standby Clinique’s Butter Shine. Revlon realizes that not everyone is going to invest $30 or more per lipstick (go figure!) If you are looking to keep your lips moisturized during the coming winter months while adding a pretty, semi-sheer wash of color, these are a very nice budget-priced way to go.

Revlon’s press relations sent me two for review– #001 Pink Truffle and #050 Berry Smoothie.

Pink Tuffle is a warm pink-chocolate tone that seems to have a touch of bronze. Berry Smoothie is a shimmery sheer pink with tiny multicolor micro-glitters. Of the two, I preferred Berry Smoothie. It’s a really easy-to-wear pink that’s sheer enough to go with a wide range of makeup types. Pink Truffle is pretty, but a touch on the brown side for me. These have a very slight scent that fades very quickly.

The lasting power was about the same as Burberry’s Lip Mists, and longer than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (at its glossiest, before the Rouge Coco Shine turns to a stain).

Here is Pink Truffle on Liz:

Berry Smoothie on Liz:

I thought that for the price range these Revlon Lip Butters are revolutionary. No, I’m not going to give up buying the Chanel, Burberry or Dior’s in favor of these. However, they do look and feel wonderful for the comparatively low $7.49 (and even less if you can catch a coupon). They’re one of the better-feeling drugstore lip products out there, and quite obviously they are several notches up on the glam scale from Chapstick.

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These lipsticks were sent by Revlon Press Relations to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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  9 Responses to “Dollar Menu: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters”

  1. Great review as always!!! They’re really pigmented given that they’re designed as lip butter. Applaud to Revlon. I have to check them out. Thank you!

  2. Really fantastic colours!

  3. These are really fantastic lipsticks; I have four of them already. I don’t so much enjoy the shape of the bullet. I have rosebud lips so I like the precision I get from “regular” lipsticks, but the formula is amazing.

    If they’re in a dupe-ing mood there at Chez Revlon, can they dupe up Tom Ford Casablanca and Edward Bess Tender Love? I love those colors but not so much the formulas, and it would be such a treat to have them in this formula! We can dream!

  4. I am over the moon with these!
    Its funny how colors look different on everyone. To my eye, Pink Truffle looks a tad orange on Liz, and on me, it is more in the pink family.

    I haven’t bought the higher end comps for the Lip Butters. Sadly the closest Neiman Marcus is over 100 miles from me, but these little treats are a fun buy at your local drugstore or grocery store.

    For me, they glide on like a balm, color like a lipstick and do not travel.

    And like Jane, I have collected several (okay 6 LOL) And love them all!

  5. While you’d have to pry my Guerlain Rouge G’s out of my cold dead hands, I love these. I do find them a bit drying though so I make sure to slather up with a thick balm underneath.

  6. Those are gorgeous! I’ve actually found the price of Rouge Coco Shines hard to swallow, for what you get. I have two, and I will not repurchase. I’m not a fan of drugstore makeup either, but Revlon usually makes a quality product, and I might look into these lipsticks. Thanks so much for the great photos!

  7. i want some sooooo badly! they are amazingly nourishing and pretty looking

  8. Berry Smoothie looks delicious! Can’t wait til they arrive in Australia…I haven’t seen them here yet. ^_^

  9. I think you meant Butter SHINE, not Surge, for the Clinique lipsticks.

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