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Displaying deeply extravagant textures and embellishments, Chanel held its Paris-Bombay Metier D’Art Show today in Paris at the Grand Palais.

As has been the past tradition, the show was held at the Grand Palais in Paris. This time, the stage was set to resemble an elaborate feast:

A beautiful Chanel tweed interpreted for pre-fall 2012.  I love these beautifully bordered bags:

A beautiful evening look:

The makeup coordinated with the accessories to give a very deep-toned, kohl effect on the eyes.  By comparison and for balance, the cheek and lip tones were subtle and fresh:

The Metiers D’Art shows are the perfect opportunity to display the handcrafted work:


Unlike some recent Chanel shows, Paris-Bombay had gorgeous, saturated color:

Incredible pinks and golds:

The beading on this wool jacket, together with the neutral purse, both have marvelous edged detail:

I love the complexity and comfort of this look. The model seems perfectly at ease, yet still very elegant:

A closer look at the makeup. You can see the exaggerated eye use a black kohl effect. “We wanted a graphic interpretation of an iconic Indian beauty ideal,” said Chanel’s Creative Director for Beauty Peter.  Philips built a base out of his Perfection Lumiere foundation dusted with “a touch” of Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Brume d’Or for a hint of cheek color, he devoted his attention to that eye, which he described as “something between mysterious and rock ‘n’ roll.” Philips also used an “ultra-luxe Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Nirvana,” which is described as “a deep onyx cream eye shadow that he blended beneath the lower lash line and through the crease, dragging his brush upward into a slight wing toward the temples. Chanel’s Le Crayon Kohl Eyeliner in Noir drawn along the water line and its Inimitable Intense mascara in Noir achieved what Philips called a “pitch black” finish.

The makeup table:

Lips were painted a muted shade of pink courtesy of Rouge Coco Shine in Empreinte for a natural dewy effect.  “At the last minute I added some golden highlights on cheeks and eyes,” Philips said, dipping into Chanel’s forthcoming, limited-edition Route des Indes palette due out in June.

A better look at the smudged dark lids.



Fingertips were treated to a few coats of a golden lacquer fittingly named nail polish called Diwali.

The bottle:

A closer look:

This model appears to be wearing false lashes:

While the blush is applied:

The worktable shows some eyelash glue, brow pencils, Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation, a powder compact and Chanel’s eyelash curler:

Together with some skincare and bottles of Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, an intriguing highlighter called Route des Indes de Chanel, a limited edition palette that he created especially for the show and Chanel Brume d’Or Joues Contraste blush:

Perfection Lumiere foundation, Poudre Universelle Libre, Correcteur Perfection, Eclat Lumiere (all permanent):

Karl Lagerfeld on the runway:

One more gorgeous look:

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  13 Responses to “Chanel Paris-Bombay Metiers D’Art Show”

  1. simply… WOW. this is the most beautiful Chanel collection ever. I don’t really like the suit-look they are famous for, but this is so edge-cutting and unique. I love the dreadlocks on some models and ADORE the second blue evening dress.

  2. Love the make up,, but some of them look like Jonny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  3. I loved the images from this show. I’m dying to know what that yellow-goldish highlighter is!

  4. Oh wow, beautiful! I love the gold tweed suit — amazing! Love the soft pink cheeks and lips 🙂

  5. Beautiful-stunning…a feast for the eyes! This is what I want to see from Chanel!

  6. looks kind of like In Love blush especially on the blonde model with brown eyes. have recently bought it and it’s stunning!

  7. Welcome back Amy! 🙂

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. Loving that influence, so exotic and sensual. Too bad there was no little henna work on the hands.

    Sultry lidded and line deyes are divine.

  9. All the models, the clothes, the makeup, and the jewlery are gorgeous!

  10. Glad you’re back to posting, Amy! You’ve been missed. This is an exquisite collection, and it is good to see one of my favourite models of all time, Stella Tennant, making the final turn with Karl Lagerfeld.

  11. Most beautiful Chanel collection… Ever!!!

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