Dec 102011

As Liz and I continue to battle through December, I couldn’t help but do a quick update on a few things:

1.  First, more details about the Chanel Paris-Bombay Couture Show are emerging. I’ve updated this post to reflect the details. I’m most excited about a new Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Nirvana.

Also, there is an upcoming Chanel Le Vernis nail polish in Diwali:

2.  Chanel’s Harrods Knightsbridge Collection is now online for U.S. buyers at  A review of the Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks in that collection are here. The Chanel Brompton Road powder is reviewed here.

Also, has Spring ’12 items up online. I’ve been reading reviews at The Best Things in Beauty so far with interest but mine still has not arrived.

3. I thought that these nail polish Mondrians by Dirk Westphal were charming.

Other news from around the internet:

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  7 Responses to “Here’s What Three Things I’m Obsessed with this Week”

  1. I’m most excited by Brumes d’Or! I have a thing for brown blushes

  2. Thanks for the pictures of Chanel’s couture show. The theme and actual setting were stunning. The over-the-top European banquet decor in white and silver really let the strong colors of some of the outfits pop and was in perfect accord with the Indian opulence of the collection. In truth, I think the setting is more successful than the actual clothes and makeup, but I can appreciate beauty whether it is something I’d actually wear or not, and this show was certainly beautiful. Chacun à son gôut 🙂

    Chanel has been very busy on the makeup front. In addition to our beautiful just released spring collection, Harmonie de Printemps, Japan will be releasing Fleur de Lotus in February. Personally, I find it far more attractive than this couture collection of makeup (which seems uninspired) and hope that we’ll eventually get it here in the US. The beautiful rose themed Le Blanc collection did very well when Nordstrom got it for their anniversary sale so hopefully they’ll get Fleur de Lotus as well. The collection can be seen on Iris’ blog Rouge Deluxe

  3. Welcome back Amy! I’ve recently stumbled on your blog and after combing through your older posts, was waiting for your newer posts. I love your post on the Spring 2012 show. I look forward to your reviews of the Spring 2012 makeup collection – am intrigued by the deep red Stylo Yeux eyeliner! I bought one in Ebene after reading your review and must say am very pleased; I won’t go to the counter without reading your reviews first. Have you reviewed any of the Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks? I wonder about your thoughts on them.

  4. Thanks for posting!! I was curious how Chanel Rouge Allure Belgravia compares to Enivree. Is it worth it to get both?

    • Belgravia is much more saturated–it’s the most wearable of the three Harrod’s lipsticks, but certainly still in the “couture” range. Enivree is a crowd-pleaser–since its a bit more subdued, it’s a more ‘comfortable’ shade for many women to wear. Enviree has a slight hint of warmth compared to Belgravia. I’m not sure whether one needs both, I’d go with Belgravia because of its uniqueness. That may give you a chance to get to a counter at some point and swatch Enviree, which is going to be more widely distributed.

  5. Hi Amy,
    thanks a lot for sharing the news about this Chanel’s Harrods Knightsbridge Collection available online. I’ve dreamed about Belgravia and Kensington since you post the pictures.
    Now i hope i will get it with the help of my friend (as long as i am not in US)
    Thank you once more)

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