Feb 132012

I’ve been working very hard on a work project that is super-human in commitment. We miss blogging! I thought I’d do a quick little “Here’s What Three Things I’m Obsessed With This Week” just to keep our voices out there in in the beauty blog-o-sphere…

1. Bright nail polish. Yes, I know, Spring is supposed to be all about pastels. Not this year–for some reason, I’m craving a pop of color like no other year. My obsession with bright blue-pinks and retina-searing oranges has reached nuclear proportions. Is five oranges too many??  I say whatever works….

2. That bright clear citrus blue.  The ’80’s neons are back, including both bright pinks and neon oranges, but also that great blue that looks amazing with perfect skin. Here it is at this Fall ’12 New York Fashion Week (here, at Billy Reid):

3.Graffiti and Louboutins:  Neiman Marcus asked L.A. graffiti/street artist Galo “Make” Canote to create windows for Christian Louboutin’s public appearance in Beverly Hills. Gorgeous raw art ensued….


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  3 Responses to “Here’s What Three Things I’m Obsessed With”

  1. Bright nail polish for spring? Sure, if spring is around you. I am sitting by window and thinking when will 50 inches of snow melt! In my part of Europe is still cold and very much winter – like.

    Who can live without Louboutin? I’m so Very Prive of my shoe collection.

  2. I have to disagree with Ana! :p I’m in Europe as well and have been rocking Dior Paradise and Aloha lately, even at -15°C/5°F. I guess I was trying to scare the winter away.

    What’s that Butter London in the pic?

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