Mar 032012

Hello lovelies!  Yes, it’s time for another “Here’s What,” this time all about Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2012.

1. First, Chanel is on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a recap midweek so we can get a close up. Based on the invitation (below), it looks like crystals play a role in this season’s theme…

2. Here’s a few pictures from Dior Fall 2012 at Paris Fashion Week. The makeup looks natural yet luminous.  Overall, the theme this year seems quite protective.  Like New York Fashion Week, coats, gloves and not much bare skin this year. I know, it’s Fall/ Winter and I should be expect more wools.  But the hemlines seem longer, the necklines much higher, and the theme of wrapping the woman seems to pervade the trends more so than in years past.

3. A few street looks from Paris to round out the theme. I loved these pictures, which are from this Women’s Wear Daily slide show. Enjoy!

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  1. The makeup at Dior is lovely, I love the luminous eyes and skin.

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