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The Invitation

Once again, Chanel’s Fall Winter 2012 Ready to Wear show, which took place in Paris yesterday, was the epitome of fantasy and luxury. The theme was based on glowing semiprecious crystals, and consistent with a theme that Chanel set two years ago, the clothing was protective, luxurious, and accompanied by glowing metallic accessories.

The color theme was neutrals with soft pinks, lavenders and an occasional nod to pops of red and bright blues. Here, the set at the Grand Palais:

The Set

As usual, backstage Chanel’s Creative Director of Makeup and Genius Peter Philips assembled an outrageous “runway-only” makeup accessory. This time, it was brows embellished with crystal stones:

A montage of the looks:

The stones added light to faces that were other wise very neutral matte skin. Introduced this time around is dark brown (almost taupe) blush.

This Chanel Joues Contraste in Notorious— a blush described by Peter as an “eye shadow meets blusher.”

Chanel Notorious is set to be released for Autumn Winter 2012 (read: mid-July for the U.S.).

I hope that Peter also designs jewel-toned eye looks as well, but I haven’t seen a whisper of any as yet (I can dream!). Although a formal break down is not available, Chanel Mat Lumière Fluid Foundation was used. The lips are quite natural, although some are colored pink with a lavender tone. The color reminds me a bit of a color formerly released by Chanel called Lavender Sky, although updated for 2012.

Let the show begin…

On to the runway, here is Notorious blush very heavily applied:

On light warm skin:

The brow-crystal stones added life to the model’s faces, against the very matte texture of the skin. Even the lips had little shine, with just a few exceptions. In the same way, the clothing and accessories had little jewel-pops of bright texture to awaken the otherwise matte furs and wools.

Here, you can see that the lips have a soft glow (no glossy shine) and a touch of light pink-lavender:

The nail color will be called Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy for Fall 2012:


According to, two coats of Chanel Frenzy were used on the runway, and was described by Philips as a “lavender taupe gray hybrid.” From

A closer look at the metallic accessories. Note that the nails are quite neutral, and seem to have a touch of beige-lavender. One site described this color as a “chic mushroom nude polish.”

Gorgeous teal bag:

A few more:

The single nod to a dark lip in the show. Again, the brown blush against very pale skin:

Too gorgeous:

Too adorable:

With red edging:

The entire show is now online at

The visionary:


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  20 Responses to “Chanel Crystal Fall Winter 2012 and Makeup Preview”

  1. Wow!

  2. I read somewhere (maybe that the foundation is Mat Lumiere. Notorious looks gorgeous. Route des Indes collection, the Spring Couture collection and now these new products…it’s going to be an expensive rest of the year….

  3. How does he do it, season after season? It’s amazing.

  4. Well, it’s a different look. I love a taupe eyeshadow, but I’m not sure about a taupe blush. It looks rather somber and severe on the runway.

    • Philips has said that Notorious is an Ombre Contraste (not a Joues Contraste) and was specially created for the show. It’s a lavender taupe for eyes and cheek contour. I agree it is a lovely color on the eyes, but as a contour, it is a bit cadaverous.

  5. Omg Omg! That blush! What a stunner!

  6. Thank you for this update Amy! I’ve been eagerly waiting 🙂 fall in July? With Chanel I can’t wait!!!

  7. Amazing! Love the polish. Also read that there will be a darker polish called Vertigo. I wonder what that will look like!

  8. That’s lovely! Thank you for the link. I was hoping it would be some cool purple or teal color though 🙂

  9. Karl is as spectacular, as ever! I’ve really been loving the last few collections!

  10. At this moment, I’m skeptical about that blush. I need to see it in person.

  11. Very tone-on-tone: everything blends to mushroomy lavender with jewel-tone accents sprinkled throughout, and crystal brows! What a stunner! Thanks for the lovely post.

  12. What a dramatic and stunning collection. I’m not so sure, though, about the cadaver look of the cheeks. Hopefully, the “real world” look will be translated into colors that are more flattering on women who are alive 🙂

  13. The nail polish might be a buy for me! Unless I cave for RBL Plié before and fall completely in love…
    The taupe blush might also be a good contouring option! 😀

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