Mar 092012

This week, my inbox is full of beauty news. Here’s the cream of the crop:

1. Sephora has collaborated with Pantone to bring us Pantone Universe a makeup line based on the Color of the Year, a beautiful orange coral. The items aren’t in stock yet, but I expect that they’ll be up in a few days. I may need to snag one of those blushes.

2. The zeitgeist is full of women of age who enjoy beauty. I loved this piece at The New York Times, “Farewell to Youth, but Not Beauty,” which emphasized that women of all ages want to look beautiful and not necessarily young. Also, the blog Advanced Style has been attracting attention as an alternative fashion blog.  I hope when I hit the ages of the women featured there that I retain this much life and spirit. Combining this with MAC’s Iris Apfel collection from earlier this year, it seems as those age is no barrier to looking amazing.

3. Sigrid Agren is a new face for Chanel Rouge Coco, looking incredible.

Also, around the blogsphere:

  • Scrangie previewed Rescue Beauty Lounge’s upcoming Fan Collection (presale March 23rd)(rumored). My favorite is a very rich cobalt blue called IKB:2012 (by Nora). The most amazing blue.
  • The NonBlonde reviewed Dior’s Grege Quint Eyeshadow Palette, and now I cannot get it out of my mind….
  • I’ve become addicted to Youtube vlogger Raeview and really enjoyed her February Favorites. I hope you do too!
  • Messsy Wands does reds so well, and this review of Guerlian Rouge G Garconne is gorgeous.
  • Vote to bring back your favorite MAC shades by request–details here at Allure.
  • I have to admit it (shhhh!). I ordered Dior Incognito nail polish after this review by The Beauty Look Book.

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  5 Responses to “Here’s What Three Things I’m Obsessed With This Week”

  1. Thank you for recommending the Advanced Age blog – just delightful! On the other hand, I found that NYTimes article quite depressing (I had seen it earlier). The author of the piece was clearly not excited by makeup or skincare, and used the word “resigned” in referring to her attitude about life and aging. She seemed so put upon by the need to take care of herself, yet professed to admire women like Iris Apfel and Diane Keaton. If you want to age gracefully, you have to love lipstick because it’s fun, not because you want to recapture your youth! Just my 2 cents…

  2. Thanks for the link, Amy! I’m intrigued by the Pantone collection (just because I’m finally in the orange phase) but will wait to see how the textures fare. I am also beyond obsessed about that IKB shade! Can’t wait till pre-orders begin

  3. That Sephora collection looks amazing! Shame I’m in the UK.

  4. I kept thinking there was something wrong with my eyes, but it’s the pixellated packaging of Sephora’s collection – I love orange but I hate that design! Makes me feel a bit dizzy.

  5. Thanks for turning us on to Advanced Style – what a great and inspirational blog! It’s wonderful to see women follow their own style that often flies in the face of convention that tries to dictate what we should wear at a “certain age.” I especially loved the 80 year old in purple eyeshadow – I won’t be giving mine up any time soon!

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