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 When I heard that Chanel was re-releasing Chanel Pink Explosion (#64/ Fard a Joues Poudre Pink Explosion)($43), I didn’t realize that the color had been reformulated. If you’ve been watching Chanel for a while, Chanel originally released Pink Explosion as part of the Fall 2010 makeup collection in a baked format (the former version is reviewed here and here). Currently, it is being re-released into a new, powder texture that is common for Chanel U.S. releases on the Joues Contraste formula.  For an overview of the differences between the U.S. and non-U.S. formulas, see this post. Generally, this powder formula has a softer texture that is much easier to pick up on a brush. Also, the U.S. powder Joues Contrastes give a lovely, glowing look to the face. The baked, non-U.S. formulas requires a stiffer brush and tend to have a more obvious shine/sparkle. As you can see in the above picture, the new Pink Explosion has a deeper pink hue, with subtle sparkle, and a touch of cherry red (compared to the softer, lighter pink of the former version).

Both the former and current version have the same name–Pink Explosion–and designation number, #64. Both are made in France. How can you tell the difference? For one thing, the older version that I have in my drawer is numbered #2605, and the new one is numbered #4401. Here is a comparison of the back of the compacts that show the precise number designations:

Also, the older version has 0.14 oz. and the newer one has 0.21 oz. of product. As you can see, the new Pink Explosion has the hatch marks of the powder formulation, a smooth texture and a slight touch of sparkle:

 A bit closer:


Here is a swatch comparison between the old and new Chanel Pink Explosions. I’ve also added a comparison with Chanel Tumulte (reviewed here), as well as Chanel Rose Tourbillon (reviewed here).

 One more, using slightly different lighting:

As you can see, the new Pink Explosion is slightly deeper in its pink tone. Working with the new formula is certainly easier, as you can imagine. The softer Chanel powder blush is a dream to apply with any standard powder brush. By comparison, the new Pink Explosion is deeper than Chanel Tumulte, and less red and lighter than Chanel Rose Tourbillon.

As with my other Chanel blush reviews, more will be posted as I work with the formula.

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  23 Responses to “Chanel New Formulation of Pink Explosion: First Look and Swatches”

  1. Thanks so much for the great review and gorgeous pictures & swatches! Would you happen to know if Plum Attraction is as dark as the baked release was?

    • Yes, absolutely just as dark. It’s a hard color for me to pull off. I saw the new Plum Attraction tester– it is the U.S. powder version with tiny sparkles like this new version of Pink Explosion, but in the deeper darker color. I may pick up Plum Attraction some day, but I’m not sure when because I rarely reach of the baked version (because it’s so deep).

  2. I’m slightly disturbed that the new release is a different formula and color. Pink Explosion is one of my favorites. The swatch of the new one looks even better!! And I’m supposed to be watching my spending. Oh Amy, what have you and Chanel done to me? These blushes are gorgeous. I’ll be hitting the counter this week!

  3. I am so excited they’ve released it in the US formula. At least with the colour difference I don’t feel as bad buying it a second time around but I do wish it wasn’t darker though.

    The baked formula is so funny. I have Plum Attraction and in the beginning I had to barely touch it with my MAC 187 skunk brush but now I can just dig right in with my regular blush and actually have trouble picking up enough. It makes me crazy how they harden over time.

    Thanks so much for the comparisons Amy! You are always a life saver…..and killer of credit cards. 😉

  4. let’s hope they will change all products in Europ to the non baked formulation. I just hate the baked versions of the eyeshadows and blushers. Make up should be fun to play with and the baked ones just does make it harder to apply.

  5. This has been a great series of posts for all us Joues Contraste fanatics. I was at a Chanel event this past weekend and did a double take when I saw the new Pink Explosion and Plum Attraction along with Tumulte and Malice in the display that had been set up. I’m sure that many women who originally gave PE and PA a miss because of the baked formula will be thrilled with the reformulated versions.

    By the way, if you have the opportunity to sample the new Vitalumière Aqua cream foundation, do so. It gives buildable coverage in a light-as-air formulation that has a “real skin” (very subtle glow) finish. I have dry, mature skin and have had no problems with it settling into lines or emphasizing pores. I apply it over my Chanel Essentiel SPF 50 and it gives a porceline smooth look. Quite nice!

    • Thank you Eileen–I will!

    • Hi! PBI…Eileen: I’ve been wanting to try the new foundation! Would you say it gives buildable coverage? I have some hyperpigmentation on the left side of my face that I like to cover. I’ve used Teint Innocence compact in the past, would you say it’s the same coverage? Your help is greatly appreciated:)

  6. Can you tell me if you recommend the New version or the older version of Pink Explosion? Is it worth while to have both?

    • If you are choosing between them, I’d get the new. It’s much easier to work with. Whether you have both is largely a matter of preference. Do you need two cool pinks? I wouldn’t go back and buy the older one. It is a matter of personal preference though–I hope this helps!

  7. Since I love my horizon blush so much I’ll check this one out, I’ve been curious about the Chanel blushes. Thanks!

  8. Thanks so much for your review! I’ve used the old PE for a long time now. It has an annoying tendency to become rock hard but I love the shade.

    Also, thanks for blogging a lot about Chanel products – do keep it up. (Nars isn’t quite the same for me.)

  9. Hi Amy! Thank you so much for the wonderful pics and swatches:) Do you happen to know if these blushes will be perm or LE? Thanks a million!!

  10. Hi Amy – What beautiful photos, as always! I saw the blushes yesterday at my local Nordstrom – just beautiful – Tumulte is the one for me. It looks a lot like Nars Gaiety, but less “chalky.” A question: I thought that Chanel was standardizing all of it’s powder formulations? I thought I read somewhere that either everything was going to be the European baked style, or everything was going to be the US style – can you enlighten us about this? Thank you!

    • I’m sorry Nina, I can’t speak for Chanel. I’m not affiliated in any way obvoiusly. I had heard the same thing as you previously–and they certainly seem to be doing that for the brush line. I’m delighted that they have reformulated these colors in the U.S. formula, but I’d be speculating to say anything more.

  11. I was uninterested in buying something I already had, but now I have changed my mind. The new color looks more clear and cooler, and I am really happy to see that they added some weight back to make it the normal 0.21 oz. size. This looks really good.

  12. Hi Amy, What a fantastic post! Thank you for swatching the old and the new Pink Explosions side by side! Tumulte looks gorgeous as well. I am going to have to make a trip down to Nordstrom with my old Pink Explosion and swatch all three side by side!

  13. […] Chanel. Cafe Makeup тоже сравнила старую и новую версию румян Chanel New Formulation of Pink Explosion: First Look and Swatches. А в моей коллекции румян пока нет ни старых, ни новых. […]

  14. “For one thing, the older version that I have in my drawer is numbered #2605, and the new one is numbered #4401”
    This numbers is about when product was made: 2605 means may 2010, 4401 – nov 2011. My Chanel Lumiere Sculptee De Chanel Highlighting Powder is numbered 4401 too! 🙂

    • Thanks Yulla! I put that in because I know that some women buy from secondary sources-ebay, other websites. I thought it might help them identify which version they’ll be getting. I realize it’s a production code, but given that Chanel has the same name, same country of origin, it’s one of the few markers at this point in time…

  15. Oh, I understood 🙂 I found one more different – weight.
    Here, in Russia, I should check expiration dates as there is a real chance to buy the delayed product – sellers do stickers on boxes with a false expiration date! So was with Dior cream for eyes, and shop (very popular in Russia – L’Etoile) didn’t want to return me money for month.

  16. It looks very dark so it can be seen easily. Light color should be good.

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