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Liz and I were so fortunate to meet Edward Bess in person at Bergdorf’s last week. As we were walking through the magical beauty floor, we found him standing near a counter of his beautifully formulated makeup line. Even more incredibly, he offered to do our makeup. I took some pictures for you to enjoy–and we hope that you do!

First of all, Edward Bess is even more charming and knowledgable in person than we had imagined–and we are some of his biggest fans. A prodigy, his taste level and expertise is incredible. Also, his personality is so pleasant and easy-going–he had us laughing along with him throughout. If you could choose anyone to do your makeover, Edward Bess would be a most delightful (and talented) choice.

Edward began with Liz’s eyes–he explained that cleanups are so much easier if the color product somehow migrates.  We were so lucky to try his new Edward Bess Eye Primer.   This product, which comes in three different shades, is distributed via a brush pen to the lid. Above, the product is coming out of the tube before it is smoothed out (with fingers or the built-in brush). It creates a blank canvas on the lid, drying to an opaque matte finish. I noticed that both Liz’s and my eye makeup lasted beautifully until we removed it much later that evening. The finish is amazing. I cannot wait until this product is available in the next 2-3 weeks. I need it.

With a few exceptions, nearly all of the color products used on both Liz and I were from the Edward Bess Back to Basics Palette ($75). Although I realized that this was a very versatile travel palette, I was stunned to see how easily Bess could use this palette to create our “you but more glamorous” looks. With just a few of his brushes and his fingers, Edward used some of his collection’s favorite colors. You can see Sabrina’s review and swatches of this palette here at The Beauty Look Book.

The eyeshadows were used to create a very natural eye, using the neutral colors on the lid, and the darker shade just above the crease. Edward used his Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush ($40) (pictured with the palette, above, which I couldn’t resist buying).

A little Edward Bess Defining Eye Liner ($29)….

 More work on the eye area:

 And bringing some color under the eyes:

Edward gave Liz incredibly long, defined lashes with his Edward Bess Lash Designer Volumizing Mascara ($30):

Edward mixed his Edward Bess Platinum Concealer ($38) with a touch of his moisturizing Edward Bess Black Sea Deep Hydration Cream ($90) to do Liz’s under eye area. He also used a mix of this moisturizer with his Edward Bess Sheer Satin Cream Compact Foundation ($60), which he dabbed on Liz with fingers. Although I don’t own this foundation yet, it did provide a very lightweight, moisturizing feel. The finish was lovely. I do own at least three of the Platinum Concealers, which I keep at home, work, and in my purse.  It has amazing coverage and the quality is excellent. I’m discontinuing the use of the Cle de Peau stick concealer in favor of the Edward Bess.

He then began to dab on the blush and highlighter from the Back to Basics Palette to add subtle color to Liz’s cheeks:

He used very soft lipstick and pencil on lips:

Edward then used the South of France Quad Royale ($45) applied with his Luxury Face Brush ($56) to add a glow to Liz’s complexion.  This quad gave Liz a very natural sheen–really, we couldn’t leave the counter without picking one up for her.

The Beauty Look Book’s review and swatches of the South of France Quad Royale are here. If you love a soft, subtle, beautiful glow, this is a must have.

I hope you enjoyed this little essay–we certainly felt very fortunate to have met with Edward Bess. What an enormous talent–I cannot wait to see what else he will be releasing in the coming months.

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  47 Responses to “Edward Bess Makeover at Bergdorfs”

  1. Oh how lucky of you two to get to not only meet him but have him do your makeup! FABULOUS! I am falling in love with his cosmetic line but have yet to try it out as there aren’t any stores around me selling it so I can try some things out before I buy. Oh, and he has the most amazing hair!! JEALOUS! <3 Liz looks gorgeous 😀

  2. That is so amazing that Edward Bess did your makeup! That is such an honor! <3

  3. Thank you for this fabulous post! So many great pics I could almost pretend I was there with you! Liz looks gorgeous as always! I now officially NEED that that Quad Royale.

  4. That is so nice that you had a chance to meet him and he did your makeup! I think Liz look a lot better with softer lip color.

  5. love this! his products are on my wishlist right now. so anxious to try his eyeshadows.

  6. Oh my goodness! He has such gorgeous hair and talented hands. Liz’s makeup looks simple, but lovely. =)

  7. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E.B. is absolutely stunning!!! he reminds me of a younger version of brooke shields but better!!!! good thing i live very, very far away because my hands would be thru that gorgeous hair!!! omg!!!!!!

  8. I Love Edward! His products are the ones that I reach for over all of my others…

  9. Liz looks so pretty – and no offense to her, but Edward Bess is almost even prettier! Wow! haha

  10. OMG. O_O Not gonna lie, when I first read the Twilight books, this is exactly what I imagined Edward Cullen to look like. He’s real! And he does makeup! O_O

  11. Liz looks so pretty!! do you know what foundation color he put on Liz? #2 or #3?
    If i’m nc 25-30, which color do you recommend? and do you think it’s suitable for combo-oily skin? THANKS! 🙂

    • Hi Kate, it seems suitable for Liz’s combo oily skin! I’d call the Bergdorfs Edward Bess counter–they’ll give you the best service to be honest. They have an amazing color sense and all of the Edward Bess experts that I’ve spoken with there are extremely good at their work.

      I want you to have a good experience, so the best advice i have is to call the experts!

  12. Edward has legions of “Bessties” (fans) and for good reason. He is warm, gracious, humorous, and extraordinarily talented. For such a young man, he has a refined sense of elegance that is captivating. He makes each person he is making up feel uniquely beautiful and he obviously loves what he is doing. I’ve had my makeup done a couple times when he has been at Neiman’s in Beverly Hills. Although it is a 45 minute drive, I’d travel twice as far to have my makeup done by him again. And, yes, ladies, his hair is to die for! 🙂

  13. Bellissima! Great review & pics. Sounds like you two had a ball in NYC…bravo! (I lived in NYC for 10 yrs before moving to Colorado & Bergdorfs is absolutely marvelous).

  14. I love every Edward Bess product I’ve tried and now I definitely have to pick up the Quad Royale and one of the palettes. If he would just sell the secret to his hair, I’d be totally set …

  15. What a beautiful makeover and such a wonderful treat to have Edward do Liz’s makeup! Great photos and lovely tutorial-like post. I cannot wait for his eye base to be released, thank you for the preview! And thank you for the link love Amy 🙂 sounds like you both had a lovely time in NU together!

  16. He is so gorgeous – it’s just ridiculous. Love Liz’s makeup – so sophisticated. She always looks beautiful, but this makeup enhanced her natural beauty without hiding it. I really need to look more into his products, he is so talented. What a lovely photosession!

  17. What a great experience! Liz looks lovely, as does Edward – he looks SO young!

    I agree with you – Edward’s concealer is wonderful, and I do like it better than Cle de Peau! I wish it were a bit less yellow, but it blends beautifully – I’m exclusively using it and Sunday Riley (which I just purchased). I was lucky enough to get his cream foundation when it was offered at a discount on one of those beauty sites, and can’t wait to try the new eye primer. I’ve also got several shadows and lipsticks, one of which I’m wearing today.

    Still tempted by that Back to Basics palette…I may just have to pick that up!

  18. He looks like Cindy Crawford, but with better hair.

  19. Gorgeous, Liz is gorgeous. Make up is fantastic. I kinda envy you girls for this experience. I hope you’ll post product pictures and reviews soon.

  20. Hi Amy,

    Thank you so much for posting this. Liz looked incredible, although I don’t think I have ever seen her looking anything less than incredible. Do you remember what lip color he used on her?


    P.S. Must have that Quad Royale now!

  21. Liz looks as if she’s just had a 3 week vacation of sunning on some gorgeous remote island!

    I’m sure you had an incredible experience. Are there any super secret EB application tips you can share with us?

    I purchased the lightest EB bronzer when the line launched at Sephora and can’t wait to try more of his products.

  22. You two have me loving this guy and his products. I think I’m going to buy a palette though I am saving up for another motorcycle. Gah! Decisions. I think I need EB in my life…going to go ponder. P.S. His hair is GORGEOUS!

  23. Amy, do you happen to remember which shade concealer he used on Liz? I far prefer my Edward Bess concealer to CdP but have been wondering if I should order the ivory (even though he says most people are soft beige). Definitely ordering So of France! And perhaps I will add the basics palette to my list, along with the daydream bronzer……. 🙂

  24. ps the e/s base is on

    • Except they’re not in stock yet! Oops
      One more question: is so of France an all over powder or more of a cheek powder????

      • Either one katie! He used it on me and Liz as an allover face powder. Gorgeous glow! But you could use it just on the upper cheek if you like.

      • Hi Katie,

        When Edward used it on me this past winter, he used it as you would a highlighter: browbone, cheekbone, and lightly down the bridge of the nose. I glowed 🙂

    • *gasp* I must order! Thank you Katie!

  25. Gorgeous! I notice the Cal shirt, is that the school Liz attending?!

  26. Oh I was in Bergdorfs last week (on my first ever trip in NY) but there was nobody on the counter! One of the Tom Ford girls was being a bit pushy and I wanted a browse so I got scared away! 🙁

    Anyway, Liz looks lovely. Glad to see a cafemakeup post!

  27. He is so gentle applying makeup, and he could charm the birds from the trees. Beautiful look on Liz too.

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  29. OMG…he is way to perfect for words. He looks even more beautiful than most women. He is a GOD.

  30. SO jealous! What a fabulous treat for you and Liz! My daughter and I made a few purchases there last time we were in NYC and had all digits crossed that his royal Hotness would be tending the counter and available to chat. Alas, no luck…but his lovely sales associates were terrific. I recently took the B to B palette on a trip to Hawaii and to my amazement, the only other items I had to bring were concealer and mascara. It really is a user-friendly palette with endless possibilities, all of them neutral, tasteful and lovely. Thanks for sharing your pics; it’s almost as good as being there!

  31. Wonderful post! Between Liz and Edward, I don’t know which one is more gorgeous than the other. I just have a baby, and realizing the work you must have put in as a mom, I must say that you must be very proud of Liz — she is truly a beautiful young lady!

  32. I think I have to have the Back to Basics palette now. His interpretation of neutrals and a natural look in general is far from boring– he plays with cool and warm shades and it seems to be flattering on just about everyone. That’s not easy to pull off! I really think it’s wonderful that his talent has been recognized at such a young age. Just imagine– what will his line look like in 5 or 10 years? It’s going to be bonkers. 🙂

  33. Wow he’s SO YOUNG. I was not expecting that.

    I might have to check this concealer out even though I didn’t find CdP concealer to be at all pigmented or cover anything. Let alone stay on my face (literally, it covers nothing under my eyes, NOTHING. and then it’s gone in an hour)

  34. Wow, he has gorgeous hair! (Sorry I’m that superficial.) 😀

  35. Hi Amy,

    Do you remember the lip color EB used on Liz?


    • I’m sorry Kate, I do not! I purchased Demi Buff, which has a bit more color but I did not catch the name for Liz’s. It was EB’s “nude” shade, I’m sure Bergdorfs EB counter would be able to tell you which is the nude shade in the line. The color on her lips was from the lip liner that he used.

      • No problem! I actually own his two lightest shades of lipstick currently (Nude Lotus and Sundown), and then just ordered the next lightest, Pure Impulse, yesterday. So between those three, I am sure it was one of them! I just wasn’t sure if it was one of the lipsticks, or one of the shades from the Back to Basics. Thanks for getting back to me!


  36. I really love the makeup job done on Liz! I met him a few years ago and I remember him to be a very nice person and I was a bit intimidated with his long hair and this other guy. They were so friendly and he gave me a few words of positive advice. Nice guy! I really love this new look on Liz and I hope she enjoyed it as much as I am viewing the photos. Thanks for sharing.

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