Apr 042012

I was curious to see whether MAC Extra Dimension Highlighters ($29 each) compared with Estee Lauder’s gelee formula highlighters.  I agree with Temptalia’s assessment that these are similar. I’ll go further- I found these extremely similar. The Estee Lauder versions sold out so quickly, that I thought it useful to post some comparisons. If you missed Estee Lauder’s, you might want to grab MAC’s instead.

Unfortunately, the similarity appears to include  fragility. As you can see from these pictures, my MAC Glorify arrived broken. I also just discovered, with much heartbreak, that my Estee Lauder Tom Pecheux Pure Color Night Higlighter (reviewed here), is now pulverized into tiny bits. I’ve never traveled with it and it’s been in a box for several months. Fortunately, my MAC Glorify is being replaced by the store from which it was purchased. Sadly, the Estee has been sold out for so long that I am not even going to try to track down any replacement. My other Estee Lauder highlighters seem strong, both Modern Mercury and Topaz Chameleon seem like they are in good shape.

Saddest photograph ever.

Here are the MAC Extra Dimension highlighters, comparisons with Estee’s are below. For the record, MAC’s are $29 for 0.31 oz, Estee’s run $40 for 0.19 oz. in a mirrored compact.

First, Whisper of Gilt, which appears to be the best color for a pale skin tone. It has a slightly cool gold color.

Second, MAC Superb, with a warm peachy tone:

Third, MAC Glorify, which gives a golden bronze effect:

And here are the comparisons with MAC Whisper of Gilt with the Estee Lauder Pure Color Night Highlighter, which have obvious differences although both are light in tone. Also, you can see a similarity between MAC Superb and Estee Lauder Modern Mercury (reviewed here).  Finally, there is MAC Glorify which looks very similar to the Estee Lauder Topaz Chameleon:


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  6 Responses to “MAC Extra Dimension Highlighters: Swatch & Comparisons”

  1. Oh my word, those colors are so close to each other! I’m sad to hear they’re so soft because that means you can’t travel with them. I generally take bronzers and highlighters when I travel, so these obviously won’t do.

  2. I must say I’m happy to see they are very close to Estee Lauder’s highlighters, so I think I don’t need them, except for Whisper of Guilt. However, I’m not liking much the fact that they are so fragile.

  3. That is a shame about the EL breaking. At least MAC is replacing the broken one. BUT…I agree with Polarbelle – the colors are SO similar, I don’t see why anyone would need both versions of any of them!

    I will be skipping these…I have a few highlighters that I hardly ever use, but they are either cream versions or in a tube. I think those are more subtle, which is probably much better for someone my age (I’ll be 61 next month).

  4. 🙁 that’s indeed heartbreaking. Both brands look very similar. I’m no makeup expert but I find estee lauder’s shade more refined.

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