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Over the weekend, Le Metier de Beaute released information about its upcoming On the Coast Kaleidoscope Eyeshadow palette, which was due to be launched today on Saks.com.  For some reason, it launched a day early and sold out in hours. There was a twinkling of hope this morning, when the palette re-appeared for sale. I was able to place an order because I had bookmarked the page and checked in about 6 am California time.  A few of my twitter followers apparently snagged it too.  Unfortunately, it sold out again this morning.  After emailing the company (I’m sure I wasn’t alone!), I received this delightful email which is also posted on Le Metier’s Facebook page:

Color us crazy but we had no idea that a Kaleidoscope could cause such a ruckus!

Our sincerest apologies! Both Le Métier de Beauté and the Saks.com team did not know that the page would go live prior to the announced launch date. A glitch in their system pushed the page out earlier than planned and for that we sincerely apologize.

Due to the overwhelming outcry for “On The Coast,” we are going to do something that we have never done before… make more. Keep an eye on Saks.com for the page to go back up -> you will be able to pre-order “On The Coast” until Friday, April 27th at 12pm or until supplies last.

Thank you for your passion and…we’re listening!

My advice?  Bookmark the page, and also check around Saks.com a bit over the coming days as well. My fingers are crossed for you!  Between you and me, Le Metier is a growing company that turns out excellent products. I’m so impressed that they were responsive to the comments from fans from Twitter, Facebook and email. What more can you ask? Not every makeup company would refresh their stock in response to consumer demand–ahem.

If you are ordering, enter code LEMETIER2 at checkout for a free Bora Bora Eyeshadow palette, which includes three shades– a warm peach, a shimmering gold and a cocoa brown.

*ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER. LIMIT OF FIVE PROMO CODES PER ORDER. Offer valid at Saks.com through Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 11:59pm (ET) or while supplies last. Please enter promo code LEMETIER2 at checkout. Purchase must contain $50 of Le Métier de Beauté product. This purchase at Saks.com excludes shipping, taxes, gift-wrap. No adjustments to prior purchases. This offer is not transferable. Valid on shipments to US addresses only. Not valid on international shipments. 

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  6 Responses to “Le Metier “On the Coast” to Be Restocked on Saks.com”

  1. It’s nice of them to produce more, especially after reading some of the really vehemently negative berating comments left for them on Facebook for example. While I do love makeup, I refuse to get hysterical about it, so if I miss purchasing something, life goes on.

  2. I agree with Evelyn’s comment, but I want to add to it: I do not for one moment believe that this was an accident. In fact, I think it was done deliberately as a collaboration between LMDB and Saks to spark interest in the LMDB launch at Saks. Well, it backfired. While I realize there are far more serious things to consider in life–a good friend just learned she has breast cancer in 3 places in one breast–I dislike being played for a fool. There was no reason to do this as part of a launch. It was foolish and even cruel. But I and other women will have the last laugh here. I control where I spend my bucks and I can safely assure everyone at Saks that those bucks will not be going to their coffers ever again. Moreover, there are other makeup lines out there–CHANEL, for example–that act with decorum at all times and produce premium products in plentious amounts. They will get my businesss, not LMDB.

    • I also wondered if this was deliberate. I missed the first round (and even did live chat with an associate at Saks on Monday morning who confirmed that they ran out, since I didn’t want to blindly trust the speculation on fb) but was able to pre-order the kit in the second round on Tuesday morning. The Saks site indicated it would ship by 5/22, and I allowed that it could take some time since they had to “make more” (according to the fb post quoted above). However, I received a shipment confirmation at 8:00 this morning saying the kit had shipped out. How did they have more in stock already? Something doesn’t add up. This is my first foray into drama over a beauty product/brand/release. I recieved some money as a gift and wanted a neutral eye palette that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. I had no idea what I was getting into.

  3. I was definitely one of the people who complained on facebook, but I didn’t read anything inappropriate on the LMDB page. I think fans were expressing their disappoint and frustration. I love the brand (and their responsiveness to their customers), but I also find it hard to believe that this was an innocent mistake in all regards.
    Whether it was or wasn’t a mistake, I agree with Evelyn that it is only makeup and no ome should lose their cool about it. (oops). 🙂

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