Apr 242012

Butter London’s Lillibet’s Jubilee  ($14) is a limited edition release that commemerates the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne.

As Butter London describes, this color is a silvery, lavender metallic foil, heavily infused with holographic glitter.  This is a dramatic, fun color. A true foil with violet tones:

Here are more sites that have swatches:

  •  A Girl and Her Polish is here.
  •  Nail Notes is here.
  • Varnish Vixen is here.

Here’s a comparison of Lillibet’s Jubilee with a true silver foil, Nars Space Odyssey. I’ve also swatched this next to the more green Chanel Graphite and the deep gray Chanel Steel.

In very bright sun:

In shade:

Clearly, Butter London is not an office-friendly color. But we don’t live our entire lives in offices, now do we?

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  5 Responses to “Butter London Lillibets Jubilee Swatches and Comparison”

  1. wow Jubilee looks great on you. It reminds me of a shiny spacesuit for some reason!

  2. Beautiful photo’s as always.
    Would you mind disclosing what font you use for the “labels” on your photos?
    I really love it.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Pam, it’s called “Handwriting Dakota”–it used to be standard on MACs. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks so much Amy, I do have it on my Mac. I’m surprised I didn’t notice it before now.

        They way you capitalized MAC makes me wonder if it stands for Macintosh Apple Company? If so, I never knew that, and I’ve been a Mac user for well over 20 years. Do you remember the “Wild Eep” sound alert?
        I still use that for my email.

        BTW, I enjoy your blog very much. Your pictures, and descriptions are phenomenal! Pure perfection. I’ve often wondered what your “day job” is.

        Thanks again ~Pam

        • I forgot to mention how much I love your “other” posts. You have an amazing eye, both in composition, and attention to detail, with an obvious appreciation of all things beautiful.

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