Apr 282012

At our makeover by Edward Bess at Bergdorf’s last month, Liz and I fell in love with his Ultra Slick lipsticks.  Our purchases included Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Demi Buff ($32), a creamy neutral with a pink-mauve kick.

Why did I wait so long to try these? When Liz and I lined up a row of numerous lip products to swatch, she immediately noticed a difference when we got to the Edward Bess. If I recall correctly, she said, “Wow! So luxurious!!” The creamy, moisturizing feel of this lipstick does feel like putting  on a cashmere sweater after you’ve worn some scratchy wool. The texture is noticeably better.

Lipsticks were the first product in Edward Bess’ line, and so it is no surprise that they are stars. The luxurious texture translates into a soft, moisturized glow on the lips. We found Demi Buff an excellent everyday color–perfect for brunch, office, or any everyday activity. It adds just enough color, staying quiet and sophisticated.

Here are comparisons with some of the neutrals. By comparison, Burberry Rosewood is more sheer (it takes a few swipes to build up this color with the Burberry, but only a single creamy swipe of Edward Bess layer down plenty of color).  Chanel Patchouli is lighter and more beige. Chanel Baroque is far deeper, and more brown.

Bottom line: Lovely. Really an amazing treat. Don’t be me–don’t wait so long to try these out. You’ll love them.

Edward Bess Demi Buff

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  9 Responses to “Edward Bess Demi Buff Ultra Slick Lipstick”

  1. Love this color! Looks beautiful on Liz.

  2. I just started my addiction too. It really is amazing-the difference between my collection lipstick pieces and my newly acquired EB lipsticks. I thought my $48 brand lipstick (noT Formally calling any names) were the best but they dropped to second. Thanks for fueling my addiction. I mean, if I’m going to spend my money, it needs to be on quality and that’s the EB line.

  3. Well, dang it all. I’d seen this switched and on other blogger’s lips. I could tell the other bloggers were quite a bit darker than I am, but I just couldn’t figure out how this would look on my lips. I’m not blonde, but I think this is far closer to how it might look on me. It’s so flattering.

  4. I love its lipstick too! But, why is the packaging different with what I got for

  5. So, you were late coming to the party! All that matters, though, is that you have finally arrived
    🙂 EB’s lipsticks are wonderful. They are opaque and creamy without being heavy like some of the other high end formulas that promise smooth, opaque color and long wear. EB’s lip colors are unapologetically sumptuous and they come in such classic colors. Demi Buff is one of my favorites.

  6. Beautiful pictures. You captured the color of Demi Buff exactly, without making it appear more muted. I found that hard to do and gave up. 🙂

    I agree wholeheartedly that EB lipstick texture is divine, and I don’t even mind that burst of wild fig. Sadly Demi Buff gave me Zombie lips, so I gave it to a friend. It looks fantastic on Liz.

    If I read the comments correctly, this the newer square packaging (which was introduced with the cool-toned lipstick trio in December 2011) is now reverting back to the round, metal tubes? I sure hope so. He went from round and metal to square and plastic for those three, and I hope he’s gone back to those sleek black metal tubes for his entire lipstick collection.

  7. Any chance we will be seeing any other EB lipsticks here? I have a similar skintone to Liz and you ladies always take such lovely pictures. There are few that I have been eyeing, but they don’t stock it anywhere near me and I hate to order something online blind then have to return it. In any event, thanks for the great review!

    • Hannah, I don’t have any in my review queue right now, I’m sorry to say. Have you tried The Beauty Look Book? She has many of these lipsticks reviewed.

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