Apr 302012

Chanel Summer 2012 brings us two new eyeliner pencils. First is Chanel Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer in Brun Intense ($29).

This pencil is a deep brown with subtle sparkle and a combination of both gold and red. It should coordinate beautifully with the Chanel Sable-Emvouyant Eyeshadow duo released at the same time (reviewed here), one of my favorite pieces of this collection. As with the other pencils in Le Crayon Yeux line, this comes with a smudge tip on one end, and of course a sharpener.

Chanel Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil in Peche Cuivre ($28) is a subtle shimmery nude. Unlike Brun Intense, there is no smudger on one end, although there is a sharpener included.

The effect of using Peche Cuivre is very subtle. There is a slight sparkle, and the color nearly matches a fair skinned person. It adds the slightest touch of polish to the eye.  It’s pretty, but many of you will not notice any dramatic effect. Others will love the very soft brightness it will give to the eye area.  Because of the sparkle, those of you with sensitive eyes will want to use some caution if you are thinking about using this on your inner eye rim.

Swatches of Brun Intense and Peche Cuivre are able. I’ve also included some other eye-brighteners that Chanel has released over the past year–Khaki Platine and Rose Platine for comparison.

Bottom line:  Many eye pencil lovers will find Brun Intense a useful addition to their beauty stash. The texture is soft, and it is very easy to get an even, intense line of color. The smugger is handy to push the line into a subtle line of smoke. This is a very good addition to add a touch of depth to the bottom outer lid, as well as a good traditional eyeliner.

Peche Cuivre’s texture seems harder to me than Brun Intense. You’ve got to push it to really get some color onto the lid. Because the color is quite subtle on fair skin tones, the effect will be quite subtle. Given the price point, some caution should be exercised–that is, is the look perfectly subtle for you, or too subtle on your skin tone?  Personally, I liked the subtle effect of the pencil, it’s similar to adding a touch of a light eyeshadow (such as Burberry Porcelain or MAC Naked Lunch) under the eye as a brightener.

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  14 Responses to “Chanel Brun Intense and Peche Cuivre Eye Pencils”

  1. I also bought both the pencils to use with Sable Émouvant. I use Brun Intense to line my upper lashes and bring it around beneath my lower lashes where I gradually merge it with Pêche Cuivre as I move towards the inner corner. I really like the subtle glow that Pêche Cuivre brings to my eyes. It adds a bit of sparkle while still looking casual and effortless.

  2. I think some creativity is involved to use both new liners together when applying this. Once, Chanel Makeup Artist used three different shades of eye liner and it looked natural, defined and very creative. I might be getting both.

    • Hi Christina,

      I think you’ll love the effect of teaming these two. In addition to the way I described using them in the above comment, another two tone option is to line top and bottom with Brun and smoke it a bit; then use Pêche over the brown (upper and lower lashes) where your iris is when looking straight ahead. Blend the edges out a bit so it merges nicely with Brun while leaving a strong Pêche presence in the middle. It’s like shining a spot light on your eye color. There are just so many things that can be done with two eyeliner shades. I hope you have fun with your 🙂

  3. How does peche Cuvier compare to Armani’s #5 from the spring collection. Would it be pointless to have both? Can I also ask how dies the eyeshadow duo compare to Burberry porcelain and almond. I can never resist rich brown shadows. I had no plans to buy Chanel’s summer collection to spare my wallet but now I have a list:)Thanks for sharing this

    • Hi Robynne, I didn’t buy the Armani, but my sense from reading reviews is that the Armani will have that softer pencil texture and be a tad more visible. The Chanel kohl’s tend to be a bit harder in texture in my opinion. I would think they are similar enough that you wouldn’t reach for both.

  4. I’m not sure I’m getting Brun Intense since browns tend to not show up on me -guess it’s the black eyebrows and lashes. However, I’m intrigued by Peche Cuivre, do you think it will look good as a waterline brightener??? I really don’t like white khol, and tend towards beige or nude. Is there any point of comparison between Peche Cuivre and Nars Rue Bonaparte??

    Thanks a lot for your reviews 🙂

    • Anne, I think it would. However, some might not tolerate it well because it has micro-sparkles. There is another pencil in the same Kohl line (Clair) that doesn’t have them. I’m sorry I don’t own Nars Rue Bonaparte! 🙁

  5. I think it’s really nice for daytime wear, as its not too thick or strong!


  6. Amy, do you think Claire is a better pencil than the Peche? I’m debating which to get, I wore the new eye duo today and kept thinking about your suggestion to line the middle of the lids with the Peche. The lighter color of the eye duo just about matches my skin tone so I’m not sure if it would be worth it or if I should just go with Claire. What would you do if you had green eyes?

  7. I have the peche cuivre and love this pencil and in combination with the eye shadow duo. Did not purchuse the brown eye pencil yet ik own the waterproof espresso nr 20 do you know if they are similair? I know that the waterproof cannot be smudged?

    • I’m sorry Nawi I don’t believe I have espresso! I think you could try to smudge espresso if you work quickly=-many pencils don’t set for a minute or so after application. It might be worth a try?

      • Hi Amy thanks for the tip did not go very well though the pencil sets quite quickly and does not give me much time to smudge but no harm done (expect for my wallet ha, ha) I purchsed this and love it especially in combination with the Chanel Sable-Emvouyant Eyeshadow duo and the peche eyeliner. Thanks so much for reviewing these products I probably would have passed on them otherwise!

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