Apr 302012

Chanel Summer 2012 brings two new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, the sheer coral En Vogue and the beige balmy Empreinte ($32.50) It has been a while since I’ve purchased any lipsticks from the Rouge Coco Shine line, and I purchased these both without taking a look at them in person. I wear Bonheur quite frequently (lately, almost daily), so my current impression of the line has been good. It may be a while until I buy another.

 So pretty in their tubes, aren’t they? You can see why I was tempted. En Vogue seems to be the perfect coral red, precisely on trend for this summer and coordinating perfectly with the rest of this sandy beige and gold collection.

And the soft sandy gold Empreinte seems like the perfect neutral for summer. Pair this with coral nails and you’re good to go, right?

What you get in the tube is sheer, sheer, sheer. Really, there should be a new word for sheer to describe these. As Messy Wands post confirms, the Chanel Calypso Glossimer in the Summer 2012 has a healthy dollop of pigment compared to En Vogue. And Empreinte is little more than a sheer balm on my pigmented lips.

Another, but don’t get your hopes up:

Yes, these are moisturizing balms that you can toss into your summer bag and apply without a care in the world. But so there’s no confusion:

  • These are sheer. I mean, there’s sheer and then there’s these. Sheeeeeeeer.
  • These do not last very long
  • If your lips are pigmented, and you’d like a pretty coral, look at the Chanel Calypso Glossimer or elsewhere
Bottom line:  Disappointing.

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  11 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks in En Vogue and Empreinte”

  1. I was contemplating getting these but now I’m skipping. Thanks! You helped me cut down my makeup spending 🙂

  2. Thanks for showing us these… since I have pigmented lips, it seems it won’t show up on me. I think I will just pick up Calypso instead.

  3. Don’t judge so fast. I have few Coco Shines, and they all were sheer and watery at the beginning, but now they aren’t so sheer. I would say that they are like wine – better when they’re old. They didn’t dry, just are more intense.

  4. I was not expecting them to be sheer! I thought the intention was to have light application on the eyes and highly pigmentated lips. I am so loyal to Chanel that I just might get it, but I want to take a look at their new shades of lipgloss now.

  5. I swatched those at my counter and I knew they would be a bit disappointing for me. I wish en vogue would be a bit more pigmented 🙁 and I was so happy , when I first saw the promo pics!

  6. Hello Amy, so sad that they are so sheer, they look beautiful. Are they as shimmering
    as the regular one?

    • Yes, Honor–it’s very slight and very pretty and you have look very close. But the shimmer is there, it’s not a sheer cream. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  7. En Vogue really is sheer. In the tube, it looks a lot like Monte-Carlo. I wish there were more Rouge Coco Shines without the shimmer, but like you. I wear Bonheur more than just about any other RCS I own. It looks outstanding with a tiny dab of Glossimer in Jaousie on the lower lip.

  8. After reading Charlestongirl’s review last week, I went out to pick up both of these shades and I must say that I have been wearing both nonstop since. I’m sorry you’re not smitten, Amy. For me, this subtle touch of colour is perfect for the summer months. Empreinte is the perfect beige-pink, although when I first made a swatch of it at the Chanel counter, I wasn’t sure if it would be too light. Don’t lose heart, Amy, I am sure there will be other Rouge Coco Shines in your future.

  9. Pity about these as I was so looking forward to them.

  10. I have the en vogue and on me it does show up, thankfully I find that these are a bit sheer but I do like them anyway in combination with the calypso gloss it looks great.

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