Apr 302012

Chanel Sable-Émouvant Eyeshadow Duo ($42) is quite possibly my favorite item from the easy, soft, feminine Chanel Summer 2012 collection. It’s a stunning, soft, pigmented shimmery confection of a shimmery sandy creamy ivory and a warm reddish shimmery brown.

The duo in soft light:

In sunlight, so you can see the shimmery sparkles:


Comparison with Chanel Misty Soft eyeshadow duo, which is far more mauve:

Sable-Émouvant Eyeshadow Duo is highly blend able, easy to work with, really this duo is perfection. It’s going to coordinate well with this season’s corals and pinks, however this classic combination is going to be an awesome duo for almost anything that you’d want to throw at it. Just layer the lighter color on the lid, and smoke the darker color in the crease. Or use the darker color as a lid-wash, then add a touch of the cream in the inner corner.  It couldn’t be easier or more foolproof. Gorgeous perfection.

….And this is why I love Chanel. They take a classic combination and simply do it more beautifully.

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  15 Responses to “Chanel Sable-Émouvant Eyeshadow Duo Review”

  1. It’s beautiful! Elegant. Simple. And yes, you are right, Chanel does it better and more beautifully.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] coordinate beautifully with the Chanel Sable-Emvouyant Eyeshadow duo released at the same time (reviewed here), one of my favorite pieces of this collection. As with the other pencils in Le Crayon Yeux line, […]

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous but this duo is even more beautiful in person. As soon as I saw it, I had to have it. The brown is incredibly rich and the soft golden sand is the perfect accompaniment for creating a neutral, but definitely not boring,

  4. Sorry. I’m not are what happened to the end of my sentance. I meant to say the duo was perfect for creating a neutral, but definitely not boring, summertime look. Sable Émouvant really gets the glow on in an understated way. Chanel = Chic. 🙂

  5. I think Chanel really know how to put colors together. When I read that it has some red in the brown, and I was not so sure I would like it. The swatches really show it’s true color and I love it! Glad to hear that they are easy to blend. I wonder what shade of eye liner would look good with this set?

  6. This is very pretty but I was wondering how it compares to Taupe-Delicat duo?

    • Hi Alison,

      Sable Émouvant is stronger, warmer, and more iridescent than Taupe Delicate. Sable Émouvant can hold its own when worn with bronzers and bright pops of lip color whereas Taupe Delicate would look a tad anemic under those conditions.

  7. Gorgeous. Of course I have about 150 similar colours but hey, who’s counting?

  8. i think this is going to be my summer collection necessity. i’d love to see a photo with Liz. i never bought the Noir-Ivoire duo from the Holiday collection; although it looked easy enough, i was too scared off at a daily smoky eye with that combo (although i still think about it often); now this looks a lot more fool-proof.

  9. No matter how much brown eyeshadows I already own, I keep getting more and this duo just seem gorgeous. Thanks a lot for sharing

  10. What a gorgeous duo; I wish I could wear brown. But that Misty Soft! I always thought it looked sludgy in many reviews, but on your skin it looks like … something I might need to buy. Ruh-roh.

  11. I love this duo! I’m fair with pink undertones and I was afraid it was going to be too warm for me but it is gorgeous.

  12. This looks like such a good quality dup for every day. The pigmentation looks wonderful. I may have to cave on this.

  13. I thought I would pass on this but after reading so many postitieves reviews on decided to try it in the store, wow what a beautiful easy to work with palette the texture is so creamy soft and shimmering I love it alot thanks for reviewing this and the other items from the summer collection I almost got the whole collection!

  14. I got this dual eye shadow set and they are so beautiful! So elegant and fresh. SA did more of an evening look so that I can see how I can have two different looks.

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