May 222012

Guerlain has numerous bronzers, including the permanent Blondes and Brunettes bronzers with the iconic mosaic pattern surface. As someone with a lighter skin tone, I found that Guerlain Blondes, although recommended for those in my coloring range, was too subtle for my personal taste. I gifted mine to Liz, who I suspect rarely uses it.

This summer, Guerlain’s limited edition Terracotta collection includes two new shades, Guerlain Terracotta Sun Blondes (04) and Sun Brunettes (05) ($50 each), which are stronger versions of the permanent shades.

Longtime brand fans might remember Guerlain Terracotta Blondes Hâlées released in 2o10.  I found that the 2012 Terracotta Sun Blondes and Blondes Hâlées are remarkably similar. You can see the same mosaic pattern in this comparison between my new Sun Blondes and my well-worn Blondes Hâlées:

The difference that you see in the above picture is because the Blondes Hâlées on the right is well-used.  If the products were both in the same condition, they would be quite similar.

Swatched side by side, they both shared the similar pink-bronze tones, and a very similar texture. I found that the Blondes Hâlées swatched slightly darker. The difference was so subtle that I felt some might be due to the fact that my Blondes Hâlées is quite well-used by now. The powder might simply come off more easily on the more worn product. Both applied heavily:

I’m going to call these “close enough” to be duplicates. You should note that we tried to apply Sun Blondes on Megan, but given her medium skin tone we found Sun Blondes too light. Those with skin tones roughly NC30 and higher should explore Sun Brunettes (05) instead.

I really love this more pigmented version of the Guerlain Blondes bronzer. It has enough tone, looks natural, and has a touch of textural glow that I find very flattering. The pink tones don’t substitute for a blush, but sometimes I wear the bronzer alone for a very natural glow. If I hadn’t worn down so much of my Blondes Hâlées, I might have skipped Sun Blondes. However, I do use my bronzers up all the way to the bottom pan, so I know I’ll get good use out of this years version.


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  3 Responses to “Guerlain Terracotta Sun Blondes Bronzer”

  1. I’ve been so very pleased with the reformulated versions of these terracotta bronzer. The new crystalline pigments give them a soft, beleivable glow without any fairy dust 🙂 And, the way in which the colors are placed in the compact lets you mix them all together, as you’ve done for your swatch, or pick and choose how much of the bronzer, highlighter, and blush colors you want. When Guerlain’s National Artist Charles “Chuck” Hezekiah did my makeup recently, he picked up mostly the brown/highlight colors and applied the classic 3 shape. He then picked up more of the pink/highlight colors and used it as a blush. The effect was like I had been sitting out by the pool on a sunny Southern California day. Although I slather myself in sunscreen and would never tan, you know how we like to pretend out here in La La Land 🙂

    I originally bought Blonds 02 for spring, but added Sunblonds 04 after seeing how Chuck worked with it. It’s a bit intense for me right now (NC15), but will be absolutely perfect as we move into summer’s more bronzed looks. As for Brunettes and Sun Brunettes, they are stunning coral versions. I wish Guerlain made the coral with the lighter browns of the Blonds series. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?

  2. I’m in the market for a new bronzer and this is pushing all the right buttons! I love that it doesn’t look too orange, which is a problem I have with some bronzers. Great review, Amy! 🙂

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