May 252012

Guerlain / Emilio Pucci Terracotta Eye Khol in Blu Acqua ($36) is a violet kohl eyeliner. The packaging is beautiful, and the color is a vibrant, shimmery violet with only a touch of blue.

The Blu Acqua Kohl is not the typical pencil design, but rather the shorter, wider open kohl design. I’ve asked several Guerlain sales associates how they are sharpened. One advocates simply using a standard sharpener. The other professed that this is “self sharpening,” which only seems possible to me if you continually apply the kohl held at an angle.

Despite its name, the kohl really is much more in the purple/violet category which I view as a plus. It’s an unusual, striking color but deep enough in its tone to work in almost any setting.

I like wearing this pushed up into my top waterline, among the mascara. It seems to brighten the whites of my eyes. I noticed that I had to use a few layers to get a good rich color (a few swipes). The texture of this is far softer than many of the kohl pencils that I’ve tried.

Verdict: Pretty color, if you swipe a few times I think you’ll fall in love.


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  8 Responses to “Guerlain Emilio Pucci Terracotta Khol Kajal in Blu Acqua”

  1. It looks insanely beautiful. My only hesitation is the smudging issue with kohl liners. Does it travel under the eyes or get stuck in the crease of your eyelid at all? I need to know because I really want one of these. 😉

    • Hi Tara, sorry for the late reply–long day! I should start by saying that nothing lasts on my waterline–nothing. And this didn’t either, but as I say I’m not sure how helpful that is.

      On my lid area (just over the lash line), I did get some fading. So I’m not having smudging, but the color isn’t holding fully vibrant for a very long day either. I was using a Laura Mercier Eye Basic Primer. For reference, MAC and Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners do last all day on me.

      I’ll wear this again all day tomorrow & update you. It is a lovely color.

  2. What a gorgeous shade! I love the idea of kohls, but I have oily lids and slightly hooded eyes, so I doubt they’ll stay put for very long. :p

  3. This should be in the clutch of some pretty Art Deco babe looking like Marion Cotillard in Midnight in Paris. But if it’s not all that pigmented or if it moves around and becomes a gnarly raccoon eye, oh, no, that would be sad. Because it is so so elegant.

    I like Tara’s question above, and will look for your answer.

    Thanks for sharing, and the shots are gorgeous, big and lovely.


  4. If you apply this by tightlining in the typical middle eastern/indian fashion, it should self sharpen. All you do is hold it horizontally(parallel with waterline) on the inner corner, right up against the waterline, then shut your eye lightly and drag it along the waterline until you reach the outer corner. With use, the kohl cone will get shorter, but the tip will remain semi-pointed. Once you get this method down, you can literally tightline in seconds! There are also a lot of YouTube tutorials out there that can provide a better visual of this 🙂 Hope this helps some!

  5. I love Guerlain, and this kohl liner is so beautiful! 🙂 I love the shade and i want it so bad 🙂

  6. I’ve got this. Have to experiment more…but so far, I like it! It does smudge a bit…and fade…but the effect isn’t bad. I need to use it with some other primers to see what works best. The color is beautiful…makes my eyes look greener!

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