May 262012

Guerlain Shine Automatique in Rose Pompon ($35/ #264) is part of a new line of lipsticks introduced by Guerlain. This line is sheer,  moisturizing and shimmery.  Using the convenient one-touch case (no separate cap required), Rose Pompon has earned a place among the very few that I’ve been carrying around in my bag since I purchased it.

Guerlain Rose Pompon is a flattering pink with a strong touch of mauve. The formula is luxurious, it feels like I’m wearing a gorgeous moisturizer. Like many sheer lipstick formulas, this is not an all-day commitment. I found that the wear time was better than the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, but not as long as the Burberry Lip Mists.

Swatched next to some other sheer pink-mauves, here is Guerlain Rose Pompon next to Chanel Bel Ami and Nars Vendanges. On Megan:

Here’s Megan’s full look with Guerlain Rose Pompon (with Chanel’s Sable Rose Bronzer and Guerlain’s Capri Eyeshadow Quad). Here, Megan has applied a few layers of the lipstick (no lipliner or lip base):

Bottom line–lovely, wearable color. Very moisturizing and shimmery formula.  Although this isn’t the longest-lasting lipstick that I own, the ease and pretty, sheer look have won my heart.



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  6 Responses to “Guerlain Shine Automatique in Rose Pompon”

  1. hi amy!!! i purchased #240 (i forget the name but, it’s the only 1 in the “orange family” pamplelune??). i chose this in place of chanel’s rouge coco shine in en vogue from their summer collection. it is very similiar to the chanel color (i think you’d agree). i think it goes very well as an additional piece to the pucci colection and also for chanel’s. it looks very bright in the tube but you should always try it on! i’m pale and it looks great when wearing both pallettes. i missed out on the pucci le2 mascara in the indigo color, it was sold out. did you try this? i was wondering if it’s worth trying to pay high shipping and order it? thankyou for your wonderful review!!! as always!!! xo to you!!

    • Hi Wendy, I think I must now check out #240! Thank you!! No, I didn’t order the mascara. I do love the Le 2 formula, but I’m not sure how profound the blue color shows. I’m sorry to say that I won’t be adding that one to my collection–it looks like fun but I’m mascara’d out for now! Take care and thank you!

  2. Hey Amy! This looks lovely, I resisted the original Rouge Automatiques because I’m not much a of full coverage lipstick fan but the Shine automatiques sound perfect to me. You swatched a Chanel Bel Air, did you actually mean Bel-Ami perhaps.. because as far as I know Bel-Air is a glossimer? I may be wrong, just a thought.

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