May 282012

Emilio Pucci for Summer 2012

Guerlain for Emilio Pucci is a gorgeously successful collaboration for Summer 2012. It includes a version of Guerlain’s Meteorites Illuminating Powder ($59).  The packaging on this is so Pucci, please indulge me as I post several pictures of this amazing creation. The box, which includes a metal box housing the Meteorites:

The metal container has a Pucci-patterned top and a deep blue-violet ridged side.

Close up, Emilio’s signature is reproduced on the top:

Guerlain’s signature embossed on the side:

Inside, the violet-scented Meteorites provide a neutral-to-cool matte yet luminous veil that looks like a beautiful cool background for summer’s warm bronzers:

I almost didn’t buy these, because I’m so delighted with the Guerlain Meteorites that I already own. They differences between them is subtle. Yet I find myself reaching for these Pucci for Guerlain Meteorites like a kid into a candy jar. Sometimes warm summer makeup can look a little too warm and one-note. Using these as a finishing powder under my other warm summer color provides a perfect neutral canvas that balances and modernizes the warmer bronzes and golds.

I did not pick up the Pucci for Guerlain brush–it’s adorable and I’m still on the fence. I use a very soft powder brush, usually my Shu Uemura 18R just because it’s handy, but a Bobbi Brown Blending Brush or any other large, soft brush should work as well.

If you are on the edge, I’ll just say that I’m glad that I made the leap. The powder is very long lasting, and really adds an expensive finishing touch that’s absolutely gorgeous. I find the effect too subtle to swatch for the blog, but I do provide my enthusiastic support.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, Guerlain’s Marcus Monson will be at the San Francisco Center Nordstrom this Saturday. There’s a nice gift with purchase for the event (please call the store for details and an appointment).

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  10 Responses to “Guerlain for Emilio Pucci Meteorites”

  1. Oh I love Guerlain Meteorites and I love this one too 🙂

  2. I have heard that it is worth getting the brush to match Meteorites.

    • I’m so tempted Christina. It’s beautiful.

      • Did you see Eileen’s comment? I would understand if you buy it for a nice matching set.

    • Hi Christina,

      I bought the brush because it makes a nice set for collectors like me. The brush isn’t the softest but it does a nice job of gently abrading the pearls and picking up product. I wash the brush in a moisturizing shampoo and add a bit of conditioner to the rinse water. That helps keep it feeling a bit softer. I must admit, I have been terribly spoiled by my Hakuhodo, Suqqu, and Tom Ford brushes so it takes s really great brush to impress me. I like my Pucci brush and get aesthetic pleasure from using it, but it’s not a “must have”.

      • Thanks for sharing! I had no idea that it could be a bit rough. I wish I could see Suqqu brushes that is not available in Canada.
        I may have to buy Chanel because Chantecaille is falling apart on me.

  3. Oops! I put my comment about Météorites under the Gaultier post. Oh well, another “senior moment” 🙂

    • No worries Eileen, I’m going to copy and paste it hear so that readers can see your own thoughts on the Pucci Meteorites… “As most of you know from previous comments, I’m a huge fan of Météorites and have been collecting the special editions for years. On my skin, there is quite a difference between this Pucci edition and the pearls that were released this past winter. Whereas the winter edition warmed my skin and gave it a subtle pink and gold candlelit glow, the summer edition provides a soft focus neutral beige veil that is the perfect backdrop for summer’s bright and shimmery corals, peaches, and warm pinks. At first, I thought the blue-green pearls were a bit of a conceit, but once I applied this set of Météorites, I could easily discern the effect that the blue-green had on my complexion. It really did help to neutralize my ruddy cheeks so that I had a more neutral canvas for bronzer and blush. This year’s summer collection has been a stellar collaboration between Guerlain and Pucci.”

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