Jun 032012

Chanel has recently released a limited edition nail polish, Chanel Beige ($26/#565 Chanel Le Vernis Beige), which echoes the name of Chanel Beige, one of Chanel’s Les Exclusives Perfumes (sample pictured above). I thought it might be fun to do a review of these together, given that both have a subtle, sophisticated theme that resonates within both.

First, Chanel Beige Nail Polish is a softly colored warm neutral. There is a subtle pink shimmer in the mix. A bit like bubbles in a glass of champagne, these little pink shimmers provide only a very subtle interest when applied on the nail. I found these shimmers only visible in sunlight. In shade and indoor lighting, they add a little glow and life but the pink shimmers aren’t individually visible.

I prefer two coats of Chanel Beige–it leaves a touch of visible nail line showing, but that is part of its subtle charm (and well, three coats becomes a bit too thick-looking at least for me). Unquestionably, Chanel Beige is a subtle polish that wouldn’t mind being taken out to a white-tablecloth lunch with some lovely china plates. The color is a whisper, a little sophistication.

Because the color tends toward yellow, some may find it makes some wearer’s fingers go too red or pink. Others wil find it pretty, and bit unusual, in its simplicity. The formula takes a bit of care–you want to aim for even coverage because adding slightly too much (or too little) makes a tremendous difference in the polish’s opacity. To be clear, Chanel Beige is not streaky, but if you create streaks they will easily show.

The theme of a sophisticated, almost formal, whisper is also evident in Chanel Beige Eau de Toilette ($110 for 2.5 oz.). This fragrance Beige is “a blend of new white petals and yellow gold flowers are highlighted by hints of honey that reveal its discreet sensuality”–in a word, gorgeous.

Chanel Beige is soft, sweet and with a strong floral scent (a touch of freesia is evident, and the honey predominates). It allows me to envision a luxurious, highly feminine atmosphere. Although I don’t tend to like florals, the mix with honey softens the strong floral scent. I can picture this being worn with a Chanel suit. It’s not a wild or sexy scent, unless you find restrained florals sexy. Rather, it’s a perfect for an office or to attend a social event. I can see why some women are on their second bottle.

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  8 Responses to “Chanel Beige and Chanel Beige”

  1. What a good review of the nail polish! I wonder if it may look too yellow on me, but the Chanel Beige Eau de Toilette may sound nice for the office a social event where you don’t want to be too overpowering. Does it come in a spray form?

    • Yes, Christina. I have some of the large bottles from Les Exclusifs line which are all spray. I believe the 2.5 oz. travel sizes may be as well. I’d call Nordstrom Seattle (ask for Tressa, but they are all nice) to check (they carry the Les Exclusifs line at that particular Nordstrom).

  2. Hi Amy,
    thanks for reviewing the polish but I am not feeling it though, my wallet thanks you LOL. Love chanel polishes but I do not think this will really look great on a lot of women maybe the ones with darker skintones?

  3. I think it looks gorgeous.

  4. This looks gorgeous on your skintone Amy. Love the review 🙂

  5. Hi Amy,
    Just wanted to let you and the other Cafe Makeup readers know that Beige is not limited edition. It is an online exclusive currently, but Chanel will be releasing it to all stores as part of the permanent collection in August along with the new Rogue Allure Lipsticks.

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